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The Tao of SRIVO: details & ideas here

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Tips:Since our recent relocation and expansion has occurred, our company is now Integrating its marketing, RD center and prod
 Since our recent relocation and expansion has occurred, our company is now Integrating its marketing, R&D center and production workshop together in Xiamen Island. Comdic is no longer just a brand or a quality bag, but an actual faith, as well as an inner voice that constantly drives us forward. To its clients, Comdic is always a reliable supplier with many value-added services. To the end users, Comdic is a true daily companion. The idea of “Family“in Comdic, We work diligently every day in every way to achieve this end goal in both manufacturing and customer service.
Detail is everything.
With years of experience both in international business and cross-cultural service, as well as many painful lessons in early “life”, here ,we have been able to cultivate good manufacturing disciplines such as patience, attention to detail, a keen awareness for true quality, a notion for design ,create the “unique” and “unusual”. We truly understand the meaning and the importance of “attention to detail” and we strive daily to concentrate on quality design, manufacturing, and the implementation of these details. To Sandik?, Detail is everything! What is our definition of detail? Detail is noticing a tiny difference between pantone codes on a fabric or bucket. Detail is an hour delay on delivery just to make sure the product is perfect. Detail is ensuring the correct length of a puller and the width of Velcro. Detail is caring about our clients' needs. We care about the details of a bag's stitching and the thickness of its thread just as much as we care about our personal behaviors and tone with our customers. In Sandik, we know that the quality of our work reflects the quality of our daily lives. This kind of knowledge and wisdom of understanding a need for better quality in everything is the reason that Sandik has made the “DETAILS=CARING “concept an integral part of its corporate culture.
Innovation makes us different.
Holding creative ideas makes our products different. You may have even noticed how we idealized the “C” and “M” in our logo tri- dimensionally with an upwards rising spiral. This is because we enjoy creating and believe that they would contribute to our company move onwards and upwards. Being young and creative, also wise and experience, is what makes Comdic different!
We are proud of the fact that the average age of our Comdic? team is 30. And most of us have 5 to 10 years’ experience in bag and case industry. We respect, record, create, improve and develop new bag styles on a daily basis. We also welcome any new challenge or opportunity to explore a new style or design of bag making. Our diverse product design team studies new information and creates new styles every day.
Moving forward and keeping upwards.
As we move ahead in our successes, we still remain faithful to our integrity and root to principles, while still expanding our growing China- bred sensibilities to an ever-broadening range of products and an ever- expanding global audience.
Our growth also benefits from the rapid growth of e-commerce in China. We have been a free membership of since 2001 and have got many benefits from this link with a few international buyers before we became a China supplier. Now we are reaching more quality buyers with the growing of reputation of’s in the Southeast Asia. All of our new bags share the same sense of style, toughness, attention to details and dedication to innovation that have made us a truly reliable, creative, and well-respected bag and case maker. We hope that you will have the same preference in moving successfully forward with Comdic
In order to develop more clients from B2B, we have decided to cooperate with since 2008. Through the cooperation with, our company has got more business opportunities, has increased our business volume and expanded our oversea market in recent two years.
We believe that Comdic will have great development in 2010 with the help of!

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E-commerce helps us to expand our overseas market remarkably ! Thanks to ,create us more opportunities to develops
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