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Tips:Maynila manufacturing Inc was set up in 2003, as a professional manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board and quickly built
 Maynila manufacturing Inc was set up in 2003, as a professional manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board and quickly built a solid reputation based on mature technology and exceptional reliability. This success was a good beginning to expand our products to the whole world market.
Maynila manufacturing Inc is devoted to the continual improvement of its quality management system, so as to ensure our customers only get the high quality products, improving quality management system to meet the requirements of ISO9001. Maynila manufacturing Inc is proud to provide clients products which approved to the standards of CE, CB, and RoHS. To make sure the safety of our users, every step of the manufacturing process is reliable. And all PCBs are 100% inspected. Naturally, all employees are trained to productively problem-solve to meet Maynila manufacturing Inc's objective of zero defects.
In order to maintain the competitive, Maynila manufacturing Inc has many experienced qualified R&D engineers, so as to ensure its leading position in terms of product development and design. This elite group is always ready to answer and satisfy the customers' requests for OEM and ODM projects.
Maynila manufacturing Inc, with the support of its highly valued customers, is becoming a name of synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction. Actually, this is the goal that its entire staff is striving for.
Since 2007, Maynila manufacturing Inc has chosen Chinaaseantrade as a promotion platform for its e-commerce. For the overseas market, no matter it is an exhibition, B2B Internet sales ... as long as it can bring orders, we will try to strive for it. We not only have the intention to open up overseas markets, but also to expand our product sales through e-commerce platform to places like Europe, Americas and even the whole Southeast Asia. In addition, we can also get more information about customers through the network. We get more customers and make more friends through this mutual trust platform, we are more confident in facing the challenges ahead.
Please remember Maynila manufacturing Inc , a company wish to get pleasure from serving you! 

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E-commerce helps us to expand our overseas market remarkably ! Thanks to ,create us more opportunities to develops
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