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Tips:NET ART, is a company combination of design, production, research and development, processing and marketing of enterpris
 NET ART, is a company combination of design, production, research and development, processing and marketing of enterprise, production facilities, the work center location specification, which is complete in the workshop, workshop set departments (die version from the development, design, sculpture, casting plasntic,, polished, quality inspection , electroplating) one of the modern production mode, humanistic management enterprise. Since the creation of the company, have kept in traditional face-to-face sales model, since the arrival of sparking a sales network in China. In early 2003, though a friend's recommendation and analysis, our first attempt to contact the network platform, then became a registered member,,. At first use of Chinaaseantrade, every day, we are finding it has never been in contact with the difficulties and setbacks, Internet entrepreneurs need a lot of product photos,.
On-line marketing and store sales are two completely different mode of operation must publish the latest information frequently, to provide customers with the latest product images, always pay attention to the customers’ situation, timely follow-up customer information, real-time to solve customer problems, etc.; to accumulate over a long period, online marketing, let us feel more handy with facility , so that we laid a solid foundation to open up foreign markets for the future.
With the promotion of Chinaaseantrade and effort from backbones of HK QUEEN JEWELRY CO.,LTD to promote the rapid development of business, the business network extends to countries around the Southeast Asia; the company's business are mainly distributed in: Japan, Korea, Indonesia,Singapore, Malaysia, etc.. We not only received numerous national business partners, but also make friends from a lot of countries, our business is not purely built on the basis of interests, and more is built on friendship.
Nowadays to social development, service and quality have become the basis of survival and development of enterprises.
Our direction and goals are not clear as we have just created our career .At this time , there is a Japanese guest with a dozen products to our company, after some conversation was informed that those product was just the samples which made by another factory . While he showed his design file and contrasting the samples, finding that there is far distance from the quality and shape. Naturally, those samples cloud not meet his needs. So he asked us to do and help him re-making samples based on his original designs file. Then we brought together the technical backbone of the production department to discuss research and development,. Under prudent producers in our factory, we eventually developed high-quality samples of customer satisfaction. Since then, we started to build a long-term and trusted relationship. And we also will pass our congratulate gifts each other during the annual traditional festival. Therefore, our product has been a clear positioning which also build the foundation for our product quality standards in the future.
Except the NET ART ‘s regular inner training about the production knowledge for our clients’ further understood about us, our sales also extend Chinaaseantrade’s training for the sales skills, all those regular trainings help us get the richer knowledge & more outstanding achievements,.
NET ART always has the excellent sales elites who own the most professional knowledge & first-class select-service & the great factory which owns the topest producing technology with the high-quality products.

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