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Thanks to ,create us more opportunities to develops

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Tips:We are the first general factory of manufacturing flash products. Our main products: USB flash drive, memory cards, MP3,
 We are the first general factory of manufacturing flash products. Our main products: USB flash drive, memory cards, MP3, MP4, MP5, card reader and other flash based products.
The first time I got in touch with Chinaaseantrade was 2006. To be honest, I was not familiar with B2B field then. And what’s more, I even couldn’t believe that we can make business by Chinaaseantrade. In my mind, it’s impossible. Any way, after the time- by-time conversation with Chinaaseantrade staff, I realized that I was totally wrong and out of these days in some way. That’s the way I knew Chinaaseantrade. But at that time, we hadn’t joined Chinaaseantrade. There were many things that we should prepare.
In 2007, we joined the team of Chinaaseantrade AsiaPass.At the beginning, it's still not easy for us to operate Chinaaseantrade, but after a few days’ study of Chinaaseantrade, we found the methods and keys to make full use of Chinaaseantrade. There are two small stories I want to share with suppliers and clients. In B2B field, trust is the basic of business. No trust, no order.
I met a client from Cambodia. He was a new buyer in IT field. He asked many things, First, I didn’t care about him. But he tried to negotiate with me each day and wanted me to give him a hand. Then I wanted to give up. I couldn’t stand such bother without any order. After 2 weeks, he placed an order to us. A trial order, but the benefit was not bad. From than on, I thought I should do business with him seriously. He told me that he wanted me to know he was a serious client, so he ordered me to prove. Of course in the future, he placed many repeated orders. And so far, he still cooperates with our company. Anyway, after time by time’s growth, I come to a conclusion:” insistence is very important for B2B field”
In 2008, our sales team became stronger and stronger. It didn’t mean that we have many sales. We only have 5 oversea sales. But all of them were very excellent. They regarded our company as their family and their own business. And we learned from each other, and moved shoulder by shoulder. Finally our company steps in a new era. Now two of my oversea sales set up their own company and become boss, I am so proud of them. We still keep in touch and teach B2B each other.
At last, I‘d like to share two tiny tips in B2B field. 1. Should stand loneliness. You know, some times, you can’t get one inquiry and no client talk business with you. You should insist and believe that future is bright. 2. Never lie to your clients. Once they know you lied, they won’t trust you and won’t order you any more. Then you are over. All right, thanks for your time. Thanks for Chinaaseantrade again.

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E-commerce helps us to expand our overseas market remarkably ! Thanks to ,create us more opportunities to develops
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