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Tips:Established in 2000, Academy Productions Pte Ltd is specialized in exporting of optical instruments and electronic produ
 Established in 2000, Academy Productions Pte Ltd is specialized in exporting of optical instruments and electronic products, from the beginning we had aware of the importance of the e-commerce in the international trade, so we tried to cooperate with several B2B trading platforms to promote our products, we also became a free member of, at that time.After several years' experience in B2B operation, we found services is the most comprehensive one, they can bring us more and better customer resources, therefore, in the beginning of 2007, we officially became a AsiaPass of, and have been working so far.
Through's B2B trade platform, we receive many inquiries every day, we request our salesman try to be timely, professional, detailed and patient to reply each inquiry, be sure to make these potential customers get the most satisfied response, even if sometimes we can not provide the products to these customers because of their special requirements, we will try our best to help them to solve their problem.There is a story happened one year ago, one day everything went as usual, a customer in Malaysia sent an inquiry to us, unfortunately our products can not meet his requirements due to some reasons, it was the urgent purchase for him but he could not find a suitable supplier at once, we knew the situation and took the initiative to help him, through a friend's introduction, finally we helped him to find an appropriate supplier to reach a deal. Six months later, this Malaysian customer sent an e-mail to us and said they want to buy our existing products, although there were many suppliers as options, but he expressed a preference for our products, perhaps because of the previous episode, then we become their regular supplier.From this case, we realize that the competition in the international market is not only the product quality and price, but also the full-service., not only provides us with efficient B2B trade platform, but also improves our sales team in operating international trade through all kind of training. At the same time it also provides us a lot of marketing proposals through their data analysis. After these years' cooperation, we have increased our competitiveness in the international market, even in the global financial crisis in 2008, our exports maintained a stable growth, I know we can not gain such achievements without the support of are looking forward to further cooperation with to achieve greater success in the further!

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E-commerce helps us to expand our overseas market remarkably ! Thanks to ,create us more opportunities to develops
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