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Taking every inquiry from Chinaaseantrade seriously,We get good reputation

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Tips:GOPAL (TH) LTD was founded in 1996. For 17 years, our company specializes in die-casting, CNC machining and stamping. Ou
 GOPAL (TH) LTD was founded in 1996. For 17 years, our company specializes in die-casting, CNC machining and stamping. Our company has advanced production techniques, abundant funds and mould makers, professional machine operators and other professional die-casting technicians. Since June of 2006, we added plastic tooling department and plastic factory to meet the market’s demand. 
In 2006, GOPAL joined in Chinaaseantrade, and became one of senior supplier members of Chinaaseantrade. Chinaaseantrade is a good platform to make our company to be well-known among so many companies which manufacture the same products. At first, we had not enough experience to run the competitive market. However, we put the customers in the first place, and we were pleased to provide the best service for all customers; we processed every inquiry from Chinaaseantrade seriously, and replied every question by heart and in time. During the four years, we gained more and more inquiries from Chinaaseantrade. That is the chance for us to develop. Our customers come from all over the Southeast Asia. In order to cut down the unit price, we are not only committed ourselves to batch quantity produce, but also provide tooling design, product design service for our customers. 
Case 1:One of our Indonesian customers placed one year mass order after getting the sample approval. During processing the production, the material price gradually decline .However, at the quotation time, the material price was high, so the unit price in the order was also high. We told our customer about the situation, and cut down the unit price for them on our own responsibility. As result, we won good reputation instead of the high profit. 
Case 2:Another of our Malaysian customers wanted to take the new samples to take part in an exhibition. However, we just started the tooling at that time, finished tooling and samples in 15 days, it seemed very hard to match. In order to take the samples to the exhibition, the customer proposed that they would like to offered extra USD1000 for our work overtime paid. 
refused the overtime paid, because our company quality guideline is “high technology, high quality, high efficiency and high benefit”. We worked overtime to finish the tooling and provided the good samples to the customer in time. This customer was very satisfied with GOPAL. And we got “SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE AWARD” from that customer. 

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