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Let's make our biscuits flow to every corner of the Southeast Asia

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Tips:Our company has been specialized on biscuits manufacturing and sales for over ten years, and export business for years.
 Our company has been specialized on biscuits manufacturing and sales for over ten years, and export business for years. Our main channel for developing customers is by Canton Fair which held twice a year and Trading Company before 2009. With the development of company and the fierce competition from the market, our topmanagements wake up to the importance of oversea market, only by Canton Fair and Trading Company are not enough for developing new customers.Therefore, after an important meeting had been held at the end of year 2009, one crucial decision had been made by them—our company is planning to use Electronic Business(B2B). Our export department took one week to do a investigation about different B2B and reported to our boss, finally, we selected to cooperate with --- the best B2B in the Southeast Asia. To be hoenst, all the colleagues from Export department are so happy and excited ,for that we are confident to develop more clients by using this platform, at the same time, we can know about the B2B and learn more useful skills from it.
In December 2009, we formally signed cooperation contract with,in the first month, we received many inquiries from different countries,such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam etc.., we paid serious attention to every inquiry and never gave up any opportunity and client. However, three months passed by, we failed to catch any customer, at this time, most of us lost confidence, and doubted whether our option was right. We thought over where the problem was, whether the works we did were not good enough or our strategy is not correct at all?
We are confident to develop more customers from differnet countries, because we have the best sale team ,attitude is everything, wisdom comes from union. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank as well as our service manager , during one year's cooperation, we have known more about B2B and get many skills to deal with inquiry and commnication skill as well. In the coming 2013, we have more confidence to do well on, because we have accumulated precious experiences and more professionl through one year's study and training. With the help of, Kam will have a bright future, our biscuits will flow to every corner of the Southeast Asia, Kam will be well known by every person.

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