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Tips:Established in the Sep.1st, 2002, Brunei Willk International Co., Ltd. has been one of the major oil suppliers in Brunei
 Established in the Sep.1st, 2002, Brunei Willk International Co., Ltd. has been one of the major oil suppliers in Brunei.
Driven by market demand and innovation, Willk has developed a variety of petroleum products.  And very year, we promote a series of new designs. With the support of the platform of, we meet customers all over the Southeast Asia. In the past 8 years, our business has increased in a very quick speed, and customers’ repeat orders have never stopped. With the success of our business, we have concluded the following reasons:
Firstly, we own a high profession team, majoring in researching, manufacturing and selling. Every time during the talks with the foreign customers, we have a very good understanding of the customer’s needs and interests. Meanwhile, we always put some new ideas into the products which make our products not only special and innovative, but also make other similar companies fall behind us.
There was a success story in 2007. A Indonesia customer sent us photos of goods and the details information, and asked us to quote him on the products. After three weeks, we made samples for the customer’s approval and finally the customer placed us an order of 1000ton the trial order. From the customer’s quick response, we are informed that our products were selling well in the Indonesia market. What’s more, the customers visited our factory and placed us a big order. Now we are not only business parter, but also good friends. 
Besides, as a VIP of, we have gained lots of orders from it every year. is an excellent platform of the foreign trade. Through it, the customers can find us easily and see our products whenever. We are so lucky that we have build up steady cooperation relationship with many customers. Thanks to, both suppliers and foreign customers truly trust each other. It’s a great chance for us to meet, to cooperate and finally to be friends with each other.
With our high quality and best service, we believe that we can gain more trust from our customers.

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