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Honesty,we are growing with together

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Tips:As time flies, we have been in Chinaaseantrade AsiaPassfor 5 years. With the principle same as Chinaaseantrade: Honesty.
 As time flies, we have been in Chinaaseantrade AsiaPassfor 5 years. With the principle same as Chinaaseantrade: Honesty. We are growing with Chinaaseantrade together.
When we became the AsiaPassof Chinaaseantrade, we received many different enquiries from all around the Southeast Asia. Usually we analyze the enquiries first and replpy, then choose some as emphasis to follow. All of our efforts soon got paid back. After communicating with a Malaysia customer for many times, he decided to visit our factory. That really cheered us up. Several months later, we got our first order from Chinaaseantrade: two 40’ containers worthy of around US dollars 50,000. This customer became our first stable customer got from Chinaaseantrade because of our high quality, on-time delivery and good service. From later on, we met many customers like this case.
In May of 2007, we received an important enquiry from an importing company of Malaysia. He gave us his design and told us one of famous retailers in Malaysian like these designs very much, if we could do it, he would place this big order to us. Finally our samples satisfied him and his customers. We never expected we could get such a big order in such a short circle. We kept very good relationship with him until now. He is already one of our biggest customers.
Five years ago, we were just a small factory with several hundreds of square meters area. All orders came from two customers. We always worried if we lost these two customers some day, our factory would be in trouble. That was a very serious problem we had to face. In the early of 21 century, information became more and more important for every industry. We always wanted to look for a good way to let us know more about the demands of customers and we can find a platform to contact customer directly.Luckily, we found it – Chinaaseantrade, which is the key of opening the door of success and wealth.
From that day we are in Chinaaseantrade until now, we have much more customers than before. Our factory area has been extended to more than 10000 square meters. The annual turnover increased around 5 times than before.
Chinaaseantrade let us have chance to show our factory and products to the Southeast Asia and makes people from the Southeast Asia know us. Thanks to Chinaaseantrade, let our dream come true. We will utilize this platform better to make our business bigger and bigger.

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