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Tips:Since I started my first work, this was the first touch with E-business platform like Chinaaseantrade. At the beginning,
 Since I started my first work, this was the first touch with E-business platform like Chinaaseantrade. At the beginning, I just simply learnt to post and update some information of our goods, and distributed the mails to our colleagues. Sometimes, I met some troubles which I could not handle by myself, I chose to communicate with the Chinaaseantrade’s Foreign Trade background service, in order to make sure that I had fully understood, they patiently explained all my doubts and confusions, and also synchronously co-operate with me on our company’s background platform. During the first touch with Chinaaseantrade platform, there were a lot of feedback from the customers all over the Southeast Asia, but just got few orders, sometimes, even no. There was still a period of our most hard time, almost no inquiries, only a few ones, but they disappeared with our mail reply. We were really helpless in those days. Perhaps it should be attributed to the big environmental global economic crisis factors, we already crossed over the most difficult days, and we will never give up.
Through, we acquaint with great quantity of new customers, in other words, new customers are from all over the Southeast Asia, mainly in Vietnam,Malaysia, etc.
As for me, the deepest impression must be a fax during my initial stage. The client sent me a fax and followed with an e-mail. I was very glad for I was in charge of the product he needed. I hurried to inquiry the price from our suppliers and also immediately replied the e-mail.But the good news came, the next day I received the customer’s response. In his view, our price was very reasonable and very cheap; he was willing to cooperate with us. After several rounds of mail contact ion, the client asked for samples. In order to show our faith, and made sure that they could trust us, we offered the samples for free and also took the freight. Of course, with no doubt, their test went very smoothly, and their client also praise on our goods. However, several weeks passed, they did not place any orders, and I am very worried about that, meanwhile, I had a little worried that they would like one of our previous clients—they disappeared together with our samples. Fortunately, this time, we always kept contacting on mails, and exchanged holiday wishes in the holidays. After some days he said that they would place a small order in the near future, a very teeny tiny quantity, but I was also very pleased, gradually we began to cooperate with them and their company.
From the volume of business, our company is a medium-sized one, but it’s fully equipped and business is clearly divided. Each one is responsible for their own products, and when we are in a case of inquiries, our director would assist us to revert and deal with different issues. Gradually, we have our own understanding and way of operation the process of foreign trade. Now, we are able to deal with the customer's inquiries and handle some other troubles individually. Our colleagues are very co-ordination between co-operations. During working, when encountering some obstacles, I will consult to our experienced colleagues, and they will carefully explain for me. So harmony. Everyone here has had a great growth during the days since I came. Each has the potential and is able to deal with a wide range of problems and difficulties, calmly analysis and then come up with a reasonable solution. Learning is a lifelong thing, we will not give up.
In dealing with mail and communication with customers, I think lots of people are similar. In response of customers, the first thing must be clear what does the clients need, and then revert to the focus of clients’--some customers will show their particular demand on a target product, some emphasize on the quality, some on others, so different products we will have different treatments. And other essential works--on some holidays we may make our best wishes to our clients, and also attach a photo about our products. Maybe just for a normal greeting, things would be changed. In addition, Chinaaseantrade will regularly have some communicate meetings and trainings, both reality and online, thus, we can pay some attention for that.

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