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Article One、Acceptance of Terms

1.Your use of the service on (“this website”) constitutes your agreement and understand to these provisions in this agreement.
2.We revise this agreement from time to time and notify you via posting notice on this website. All revised terms will take into effect immediately, if you don’t agree to this term, you should end your use of this service.
3.Your continued use of this service on this website constitutes your agreement to this revised agreement.
4.Other than as specially described in terms of service, any new feature that enhance the current service, shall be subject to the Terms of Service.
5.This terms may be revised only by written agreement of advanced manager authorized by this website.
Article Two、Registered Member
1.Registered on this website::
(1)Is requested to provide current、complete、accurate information of both you company and you.
(2) Promptly update this information you provided after your registered information changed
(3) Provide this information of registered member (registered or updated member is seemed to provide accurate identifiable information) which is valid while this website hold relevant activity or support the member.
(4) Provide any information that is wrong、untrue、outdated、incomplete, this website reserve the right to terminate any current use of this service. It is your responsibility incurred as a result of such information.
2.Registered member receive an account and password.
(1)Is entirely responsible for the security of his account and password or all activities that occur under his account. This website assume any liability for security of his account and password or loss occurred due to his account and password revealed.
(2) Notifies this website immediately of any unauthorized use of your password and account or any other breach of security.
(3) Change his password at any time or end an old account with a new account.
Article Three、Service
  1. This website is a place for the registered member to choose trade partner, to negotiate for trade of product and service, to get the service related to trade. This website didn’t monitor the quality 、security、legitimate of trade product, the accuracy 、truth of business trade information, and the obligation performed by two sides under trade agreement. This website didn’t control two side of transaction to perform its obligation. And then, you should notice the risk to trade is exited objectively.

Article Four、Management
1.Registered member remains solely responsible for material posted by himself. The service, provided by this website, is applicable to local、 national and international law. So the member must follow.
2.The material posted is appropriate to comply with Chinese relevant laws 。

3.The service of this website is not used for unlawful purpose.
4. Registered member don’t interfere with、disobey regulations and procedures of this website connected to the service.
a.Promise not to post or transmit unlawful、harassing、libelous、abusive、threatening、harmful、vulgar and profane information.
b.Promise not to post or transmit information that incites the others to constitute the criminal offence.
c.Promise not to post or transmit information that fosters the national disadvantage and national security involved.

d.Promise not to post or transmit information that violates local、national and international laws.

e.Not unlawfully access computer system without permission.
5.Registered member is not permitted to buy and sold prohibited articles on this website or via this website.
a.Any articles may let our company violate relevant laws and regulation.
b.Any articles have been on the list of prohibited article at present.
c.The list of prohibited article is referred herein as a part of agreement and revise from time to time.
6. If registered member don’t agree with above terms, this website, at its sole direction, suspend its service account immediately.
7.This website is not liable for the material posted by member, including, but not limited to any material miss or mistake, and damage or loss caused by such material.
8. Registered member is agree to maintain and guarantee all member’s benefits and is liable for attorney’s fee resulting from any usage out of the service. Member is agree to hold harmless and indemnify this website against violating the agreement, infringing on the intellectual property and account or computer used by others
9.Member information in the database of this website, include text、software、audio and video clips、graphics、all content in the advertisement and of the E-mail、business information that member provided on this website, is protect by copyright、trademark、or other property rights law. All user can’t use this material without this website’s or advertiser’s permission, can’t reproduce this material or recreate product relating to this material. Registered member agree to hold indemnity against your use of this website , including any liability or expense arising from all suits、fees, this website or its employees or its agents or its owner involved, of violating the agreement, infringing the intellectual property or invading another person and entity’s rights.
Article Five、Term and Termination
1.Registered member or this website terminate our service at any time according to actual situation.
2. If registered member don’t agree the term of service、revised term or the service of this website, they have following right:
a.No longer use the member service of this website.
b.Notify this website to terminate the service.
3.This website terminate services at any time for any reason without liability to any user or any third parties.
4.Upon termination, registered member suspends to use our service and have no original right. This website perform no obligation that envelop unread or untransmitted, transmit to user or third parties.
Article Six、Liability Statement
1. This website will use its best endeavors to reduce mistake and enable your enjoying our website and our service.
2.This website can’t foresee the technical problem or other difficulty. This website make no express or implied warranties to the risk of the service. Member is solely responsible for the risk. The service of this website provided as it exists today.
3.This website make no warranty
;(1)a.The service will meet your requirement.
(2)The service will be uninterrupted、timely、secure or error-free.;
(3)The results that may be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable;
(4)The quality of any products、service、information purchased or obtained by you through the service will meet you expectations.
(5)Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the service is done at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download ofr any such material.。
Article Seven、Force Majeure
  This website shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performing of obligaitons all caused beyond the reasonable control, including natural disasters、labor strike、riot、material shortage or rational allotment、insurrection、war、act of government、breakdown in communication or other facilities、grave casualty…etc.
Article Eight、General
1.This terms of service constitutes the entire agreement between the member and this website and govern your use of the service, superceding any prior written or oral agreements between you and this website.
2.This website did not take action for the member’s default behavior, don’t mean that this website withdraws to take action to the similar or consequential default.
3.Any controversy resulting from this agreement or this website service, should hand over our company located arbitrate committee. Any controversy should arbitrate singly cannot merge the processing with any other controversy.
4.Any one or more of the provisions of this agreement is invalid or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining provisions continue in full force and effect.
5 The provisions of this agreement is different to Chinese relevant laws, shall be bound by Chinese relevant laws.

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