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Tips:Rich General Merchandising was established in 1995. Its initial direction of the business were carton products, mainly i
 Rich General Merchandising was established in 1995. Its initial direction of the business were carton products, mainly in the domestic market, our means of marketing focused on telemarketing, door visits, and introduce by acquaintances, etc... After five years’ development, the company has begun to take shape. Changes in customers made our marketing practices have to follow the sake of change from a traditional phone, visits to turn into the network marketing. Since then, we have a special relationship with Chinaaseantrade.
In 2003, we officially became a member of Chinaaseantrade. Since we were the first one to use Chinaaseantrade platform in this industry, foreign customers can search us easily through it. Inquiry through timely responses, efficient management, high-quality products, enabling us to win a perfect reputation in the paper display industry, what’s more, During the first year cooperation with Chinaaseantrade, the performance of our company was better than those in past three years. As a result, we were more determined to keep using Chinaaseantrade platform.
Most customers know us from Chinaaseantrade although they can search us from other websites .and many of them come from Thailand ,Vietnam, Mlaysia and Singapore . Different customers have different habits, Our team always treat them according their different habits.
For example, for Singapore customers, we will pay special attention to detail and quality when quoting price, everywhere embody genuine. Because Singapore customers are more fancy in quality. For Vietnam customers, we strive to design the most economical and the most reasonable display so as to lower cost for our customers. As for customers in Malaysia, we will offer price in a soon time, since many customers in Mlaysia also want to send our price to their customers, so to reply inquiry in time is very important.
Rich General Merchandising goes very well with the help of Chinaaseantrade in the past few years ,offering high quality products ,the best service is our major motion what we are doing every day .just like our company culture saying : we are the best choice for you !

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E-commerce helps us to expand our overseas market remarkably ! Thanks to ,create us more opportunities to develops
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