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To promote our products through E-commerce platform

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Tips:Founded in 1994, GEIK Thai Co.、Ltd is a leading manufacturer of electronic products specializing in digital products, p
 Founded in 1994, GEIK Thai Co.、Ltd is a leading manufacturer of electronic products specializing in digital products, phone accessories, game accessories, and so on. In order to enlarge our business. Our company needed more Advertising, and E-commerce platform, actually it was a good way for us to advertise all over the Southeast Asia. 
However, it also had some frustration. There were many companies that joined the platform. Even smaller ones, so competition was serious all the time. Because of that. We had to build more e-commerce platforms to expand our business. 
Since joined Chinaaseantrade, we continually received inquiries from buyers, and also got inquiries from many countries, such as Vietnam,Mlaysia,Indonesia,Phillipines and so on. There were several sample orders made by some customers, and we sent samples to them, finally our samples passed sample test. Then the customer came to place a big order of nearly 2 million dollars. That is to say, whoever the customers , we must take equal treatment to them. 
Every employee in the foreign trade team should know what products the company is doing, what promotion the company has done in B2B platform, so buyers can see information of the company, and find you easily. As for the products, We must be familiar with trade flow operation of the company, it is necessary for knowing product, making the picture changes, quotes, doing the form of invoices, shipping packing list, declaration. if you are a new comer here, you should learn the product knowledge first, when you clearly with everything, you can follow up the orders. if customers want to visit your factory, it means that there comes an opportunity for you ,so just prepare for their visiting. Remember, as long as you can provide good service, quality products and strong prices, customer swill choose you first! 
Since the beginning of joining the trading platform, you must take every inquiry you received carefully. Once you promise customers, something must be done, if not, you should inform the customer in advance. Regardless of placing orders or not, integrity, service is very important, when customers think you are trustworthy, and when they need they will think of you at first. At present, most of companies do B2B platforms to promote products and company introduction, company contact information, these will often help receive inquiries, treat your clients better and better, and probably you will be their choice!

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E-commerce helps us to expand our overseas market remarkably ! Thanks to ,create us more opportunities to develops
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