Business Cooperation is to meet the need of the business communities around the world to enter the China ASEAN FTA with the Internet technology and the idea of building a new generation of online trading platform provider (service). As the earliest China - ASEAN point-to-point trade professional website, has been the leader of development of transnational trade information and e-commerce.
 Since its formal operation in 2004, with the joint participation of 11 chambers of Commerce and media, 1.1 million members have been registered in China - ASEAN free China - ASEAN free provides comprehensive and convenient online procurement, payment services for business communities around the world , and provides the market, technology, marketing and customer service for the suppliers. welcomes cooperations in the following ways
Advertising  on the website
Agent for developing members: cooperation with industry associations, magazines or website alliance, promote customer's product for export.
Agent for developing members in the 11 countries: cooperation with chamber of commerce, enterprise, relying on the national channel to enhance foreign trade
Cooperation with newspaper magazine ,outdoor media, TV and exhibition: integrating the advantages of all resources to reduce marketing costs, provide effective means of promotion, promotion activities, and bring the value-added service to the customer.
Cooperation with the website in the forms of content, website alliance,activities and link exchange.
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