Current: Home » about us as one of the supporting projects which promote the development of China-Asean free trade Area.With the involvement of Chinese and Asean Governments and Chamber of Commerce, is set up in 2004.It is an international trade platform which provides an opportunity for industrial and commercial circles to purchase,sell,wholesale and pay.In recently 10 years,users who use this website have coverd 10 countries of the China Asean free trade area and more than 680 million people traded.’s mission is to promote the development of China-Asean free trade area, share cooperation, development opportunity, and enhance equality, mutual benefit, common development of China and Asean. We make efforts to facilitate China and Asean countries to deepen economic and trade cooperation and realize common prosperity in the region.

After was launched, it soon gained attention of the major media in Asean countries and they reported about a lot. These media include "Nanyang Business News”,"Sin Chew Daily","United Daily News", "World Journal", "China Daily" ,"Oriental Daily" ,"Guanghua daily", ""Qiandao Daily”, “Indonesia Daily”, "International Daily" "Saigon Liberation Daily”,"Vietnam Economic Times", "Chungfa Daily” ,” Shihua Daily”, "Philippine Chinese News", “Philippine Business News”, "Philippine Chinese Daily" and "Malaysia TV". The publicity on by Asean media effectively promotes the online trade between China and Asean countries.  


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