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Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam parliamentarians meet in Cambodia to boost Development Triangle Area

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Tips:PHNOM PENH, April 24 Parliamentarians of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam gathered in Cambodias northeastern Mondulkiri provi
 PHNOM PENH, April 24 — Parliamentarians of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam gathered in Cambodia’s northeastern Mondulkiri province on Wednesday to discuss the parliaments’ role in supporting the three countries’ Development Triangle Area, according to a media release from Cambodian National Assembly.
Speaking at the opening of the two-day meeting, the 1st Vice- President of Cambodian National Assembly Nguon Nhel said the meeting would help promote the development of the triangle area and further enhance cooperation among the parliaments of the three nations.
“The meeting is very important to support the governments in preparing action plans and mechanisms to develop the area,” he said.
The governments of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam have been giving high attention to the development of the area and have laid out a master-plan for area development, he added.
Koukeo Akhamountry, chairman of the Laotian National Assembly’s foreign affair committee, said the parliaments have their roles to urge the governments to expedite the implementation of the master- plan in order to improve livelihoods for peoples in the area.
Tran Van Hang, chairman of the Vietnamese National Assembly’s external relation committee, said the three countries have cooperated well in developing infrastructures, economics, trade, and tourism in the area, adding that these sectors are key elements to boost economies and reduce poverty.
Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam Development Triangle Area is aimed at accelerating of economic growth, poverty reduction, social and cultural progress in the area.
The triangle area consists of 13 provinces including four in Cambodia, four in Laos, and five in Vietnam.

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