2023 10th Cambodia International electricity, new energy and lighting exhibition

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Date 2023-08-25 To 2023-08-28
City Phnom Penh
Address Cambodia Phnom Penh Diamond Island International Conference and Exhibition Center
Venue Cambodia Phnom Penh Diamond Island International Conference and Exhibition Center
Oganizer Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia,CC International ,Chinaaseantrade.com
The exhibition shows
Exhibition profile
The last exhibition had an erea of 12000 square meters, exhibitors from 16 countries and regions, and professional buyers up to 18892.

Cambodia purchases a large amount of solar and wind energy, lighting, and electrical equipment in order to meet the need of 200 thousand buildings and the construction of the 10 satellite city. With the construction of 915 plans (residential, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and factories) and development of the Mekong River, North Bay, port Sihanouk, the power gap is even greater.
More than half of the Cambodian electricity relies on importing from neighboring countries, but still about 60% of the country is out of electricity. In order to solve the power problem, the Cambodian government decided to use photovoltaic, wind power and other alternative energy sources to meet the 10% annual growth of electricity usage, To promote solar energy, the Cambodian government has decreased the import taxe from 40% to 7% on equipment of solar power equipments, and provide a $3 million loan to the rural areas to buy solar energy equipment. Solar battery currently has a growth of sales rate at more than 10% in Cambodia. According to the data from Kaitai Research Center, solar energy battery and battery board sold to Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam from Thailand has an annual growth rate at 61.8% for nearly 5 years. Chinses enterprises should grasp this business opportunity to expand the last frontier in ASEAN.

Scope of Exhibits
New energy: solar / wind power generation equipment; solar water heater / air conditioning / heating equipment / Lighting / display; photovoltaic power systems, batteries, power supply, etc.
Lighting: energy saving lamps, non - pole lamps, LED products, lamps and lighting, emergency / Channel / fisheries / construction / commercial / road / landscape lighting
Power: diesel, gasoline generators, motors, power equipment, high voltage inverter, power saver, switchgear, transformers, transformer, inverter, distribution automation equipment, instrumentation, wireless communication, wire and cable; power cable / electrician / production equipment and raw materials etc.

Application Procedure
1. We can receive applications from now, please fax the “receipt of application" to the organizer, so that you can apply for the exhibiting booth.
2. Effective application requirements: Sign the exhibition contract
and transfer 50% of the booth fees to the organizer's account, and then the applicaiton will become valid. The remaining fees should be
paid one month before the exhibiton starts.

Contact info
Mobile phone:
QQ: 2280483517
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