2023 18th Malaysia International Power, New Energy and Lighting Fair

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Date 2021-12-01 To 2021-12-03
City Kuala Lumpur
Address Malaysia Kuala Lumpur's Putra World Trade Centre
Venue Malaysia Kuala Lumpur's Putra World Trade Centre
Oganizer Ministry of Industry 、Trade ES Malaysia International Exhibition Group 、China - ASEAN Free Trade Web
Undertaker China - ASEAN Free Trade
The exhibition shows
Exhibition, held on December 1-3 the 18th ASEAN countries only brand development, and create a strong demand for the previous ASEAN attracted 186,000 buyers initiative. The last 18,000 square meters exhibition hall were full, there were from Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Britain, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and other countries pavilions, 26 countries and the 10 ASEAN countries 28,632 professional buyers to make their purchases. China exhibits during the exhibition should be of high quality and zero-tariff factors by ASEAN and the world buyers warm welcome.
Market analysis:
Steady growth of the Malaysian economy, the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate remained at about 5.5 percent, per capita income of 5,000 US dollars, is second only to Singapore in Southeast Asia rich.
With Malaysia's economic prosperity and diversification, from 2000 to 2015 its energy demand by 80%, Malaysia's power gap will be further expanded in the coming years. Malaysia's total due to insufficient grid capacity and East Malaysia and West apart. Technology and equipment behind because many can not meet the needs of power system operation and management of equipment is heavily dependent on imports.
Malaysia's energy mainly depend on production and imports of natural gas and oil, but only 33 years of natural gas reserves, oil reserves are 19 years remaining, so the energy crisis prompted the government to turn to the development of new energy sources.
Malaysia is the first country in ASEAN countries to actively develop green energy, since the country is located in the tropics, either biomass or solar energy may be used in an amount very rich. Ma government has introduced incentives for green energy, solar photovoltaic system equipment exempted from import duties and sales tax. Plan to 2020, installed capacity of 2065 megawatts of renewable energy, 11% of total demand, including solar PV installed capacity will reach 220 MW, to make up for the energy shortfall. Malaysia also announced plans to install in 2025 can produce 3.2 billion kilowatts of electricity of renewable energy equipment.
In response to the energy-saving policy, the current government has been in the horse government buildings, tourist attractions, and even made cars are using LED lighting. In Malaysia, LED has been widely applied to household lighting, outdoor lighting, automotive, electronics, mobile phones and laptops fluorescent screen.
Malaysia power, new energy, lighting demand, China has 6 consecutive years horse largest trading partner. Malaysia's total trade in 2014 amounted to $ 102 billion. This was conducive to "China - ASEAN Free Trade Area" implementation of zero tariff, tariff barriers for China to enter the Malaysian clear.
   Meanwhile, as a member of the Commonwealth of Malaysia is famous entrepot country status in Southeast Asia and ASEAN pivotal, distance from West Asia, South Asia and Europe, Africa are relatively close, through national marketing network and the "golden waterway" Malacca Strait can enter the 52 Commonwealth countries, the United States, EU-27, Central and South America and South Africa and other countries and regions, Chinese enterprises should seize the opportunity to develop this huge market.
Electricity: diesel, gasoline and diesel generators, motors, power station equipment, wire and cable, transmission and distribution equipment, high and low voltage electrical appliances, transformers, energy / power saving
Equipment, switching equipment, frequency / inductance / mutual / inverter, instrumentation, wireless communication; power / electrical products and production equipment and raw materials etc.
New energy: solar / wind power generation equipment; Solar: heater / lighting / air conditioning / heating / display; photovoltaic power systems, batteries, power supplies, chargers, etc.
Lighting: energy saving lamps, lamp, LED products, lamps and lighting; household, commercial / building / road / View / Fishing / Automotive / channel / emergency lighting
Work program
With receipt registration, press booth fee 50% deposit book stalls, booths is limited, first-served basis! 1. Registration starts today, please exhibitors will "Exhibitor registration form" fax to the organizers to apply for booths. 2. Effective Registration requirements: signed exhibition contracts, 50% of the booth fee remitted to the organizers account, apply for valid. The balance paid one month before the conduct.

Contact info
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