Myanmar 3rd International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2014

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Date 2014-11-27 To 2014-11-30
City Myanmar
Address Myanmar Yangon Tamar International Convention and Exhibition Center
Venue Myanmar Yangon Tamar International Convention and Exhibition Center
Oganizer Myanmar General Chamber of Commerce, Myanmar Industry Association,
The exhibition shows
Brief introduction of exhibition
The exhibition is jointly organized by the Myanmar National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association,which is one of the largest agricultural machinery exhibition in Myanmar.
Exhibition setting
The population of Myanmar is 50 million, the fourth largest of ASEAN. Its economic strength used to rank at the forefront within ASEAN but was 
weakend by the saction of the United States. Last year, the U.S cancled the saction measures for Myanmar and Myanmar implemented the openig -up policy for the first year with the  influx of capital from worldwide, investment on  Myanmar's manufacturing sector grew fastest and demand grew rapidly.
Exhibitor profile
Typical rice field machinery: seeding, soil preparation, irrigation, planting, fertilizing, cultivating management, harvesting, drying, storage, rice and a variety of agricultural machinery.
Large farm machinery: kinds import traction machine, rice transplanter, combine harvester, bucket trucks, forklifts, tires, oil and other parts supplies.
Attached machinery: manure spreader, seeder, vegetable transplanter, straw collected forage bales.
Fruit trees and gardening machinery: drilling machine, pruning tools, lawn mowers, multi-function power tools.
Conveying equipment: sloping van, agricultural handling vehicles, crawler van, wheeled van, the van of leisure agriculture, the monorail slope van, conveyor belt, bucket elevator machine, screw conveyor, Lian Yun machine.
Plant protection machinery: sprayer, spray the car, spraying machine, spray hood, sprinkler, irrigation machinery, irrigation and drainage systems, etc.
Greenhouse facilities: plastic film, spraying equipment, greenhouse structure, greenhouse control system, plant factory.
Nursery equipment: automatic seeder, precision seeding equipment, automatic volume Miao machine, automatic delivery (whichever) disk systems, hot water sterilization system.
Livestock industry machinery: Poultry house ventilation, automatic feeding system, feed modulation machinery, feed buckets, water supply systems, high-density fully automated poultry houses, eggs sub-selected collection devices.
The machinery of specialty crops: tea, coffee, tobacco, mushroom, use crop cultivation, planting, harvest, dry roasting, processing, preservation mechanical.
Aquatic mechanical: pond aerator, dredging machine, fish feed production machinery, automatic feeding machinery, water quality monitoring systems, Sewage treatment machinery, shrimp sheller;
Forestry machinery: power refining saws, the nursery managers machinery, sprinkler systems, sloping handling system.
Processing and storage of fruits and vegetables, machinery: packaging equipment, packaging materials, sorting, weighing equipment, cleaning / storage equipment, fruit sorting system automatically, the field waste heat precooling system, freezer.
The rice processing machinery: hulling machine, sorting machine, milled rice machine, color sorting machines, quality testing equipment, silos, cold storage barrels.
Cereals processing machinery: peanut harvesting machine, garlic harvesting machine, garlic harvesting machine, sweet potato harvesting machine, dry forage, beans sheller.
Environmental protection machinery: wood chipper, fermentation, biogas power generation equipment, straw rope braiding machine, food processing waste waste recycling technology.
The energy machinery: gasoline and diesel engines, biomass (direct combustion power generation, biogas, biomass gasification, curing, liquefaction, etc.), solar, wind and utilization, agricultural generators, rice hull stove, and other renewable energy sources, as well as straw comprehensive utilization and so on;
Wisdom agricultural machinery, new materials and emerging technologies: reversing surveillance systems, sensors and control systems, global positioning system (GPS) and geographic information system (GIS) technology, seed coating technology and equipment, tissue culture technology and facilities, agricultural aviation technology remote control aircraft spraying, bio-electromechanical systems, agro-production Traceability System.
Farm machinery parts agricultural machinery parts and agricultural materials: tires, CHAIN, gears, axles, engine oil, seeds, organic fertilizers, efficient liquid fertilizer, planting soil, greenhouse materials.
Notes of visit
 Application Procedure
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2. Effective application requirements: Sign the exhibition contract 
and transfer 50% of the booth fees to the organizer's account, and then the applicaiton will become valid.  The remaining fees should be
paid one month before the exhibiton starts.a

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