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Tips:Service Items: Network scale Include 38 first-tier subsidiaries and more than 2500 self-building and self-operating deli
 Service Items: Network scale
Include 38 first-tier subsidiaries and more than 2500 self-building and self-operating delivery networks; established 3 advanced distribution centers, 9 first-tier transit points and 85 second-tier transit points;
Service region
Cover 31 provinces and municipalities in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau;
Hong Kong Customer Service Hotline 2730 0273
Customers can contact Hong Kong Customer Service Hotline 2730 0273 for order placements and enquiries.
Convenient online self-service 
Customers can always visit our website to enjoy S.F. online enquiry services.
24/7 services
Customers can call 2730 0273 or visit S.F.s website, we will provide you with 24x7 self-service enquiry services.
S.F. Express Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as S.F. Express) was established in 1993 with its headquarters in Shenzhen. It is a services company engaged in domestic and international express delivery and related business. Over the years, S.F. Express has been focusing on service quality improvement to satisfy the rising market demand. The company has also established a set of large-scale business units in China (covering Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) to handle information collection, market development, logistics, express pick-up and delivery services etc. S.F. Express has built up a nationwide network to provide services for customers. Besides, the company has expanded international shipment services, which has been put into operation in South Korea and Singapore already. S.F. Express has been investing in the companys infrastructure, introducing latest information technologies and developing equipment for operational uses. In such way, it constantly improves the automation level of operations actualizing resource scheduling, information monitoring, tracking and querying throughout the workflow of express deliveries. Thereby, the continuous optimization of delivery network ensures the steady improvement of service quality as well as S.F. Expresss leading position of customer services satisfaction in the industry.

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