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Visiting China

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March 21, 2012 Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and buyers purchase wind turbines in China provide members and accompanied

Fanuoge: the introduction of Shuangfeiyan wind energy.
Foreign merchant provided many types of professional problems through VCI
Material object demo about the effect of small wind wheel.
The function of measuring wind, the automatic style of yaw when meets typhoon.
Visit factory.
Model assemble, five pieces in a day
Mr.Hong said: I purchased for installment ,because of the celebration of Malacca State in April, through this celebration governor of state and Malaysia Government replied in order to install on islands.
Malacca has built a solar city with Taiwan and America. Now he was exploiting a island , the whole investment sums up 216000 thousand dollars, which were applied to new energy power, I hope to get this program through the celebration of state.

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Visiting China
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