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Myanmar Economic Analysis

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Tips:Economic AnalysisThe energy stimulate economic growthOn October 31 of the last year, the China-Burma oil pipeline projec
 Economic Analysis

The energy stimulate economic growth

On October 31 of the last year, the China-Burma oil pipeline project early supporting pier project officially started in the middle of the west coast of Myanmar Kyaukpyu Bay Madeira and quietly. China-Myanmar pipeline which is gas, oil lane parallel. Myanmar is rich in offshore natural gas resources, the data indicate that its natural gas reserves in the 10th of the world. The start of the construction of Burma oil and gas pipeline marks the initial shape of the four Chinese imports of oil and gas channel, is conducive to the diversification of oil transportation channels. To Myanmar the Burma oil and gas pipeline also has great significance and enormous benefits: first, Myanmar's rich natural gas with stable export market;Second Myanmar can get profit from crude oil transit; Third, It can promote the industrial development of oil and natural gas in Myanmar; fourth It can promote economic development along the pipeline.


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