Titanium Anode Recover Copper

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Size: Customized
Coating Material: iridium-tantalum titanium
Coathing Thickness: 6-12 Micron
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Port: shanghai,ningbo
Supply Ability: 100
Payment Terms: delivery withindays since payment
Location: China Shanxi
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Description:This system mainly uses solvent extraction method, it can be recovered at the same time as copper. The etching solution regenerates and restores a large amount of originally needed to be discharged (post-use etching solution) into a regenerated etching solution that can be reused. This process can not only reduce the sewage discharge after the etching liquid waste liquid is recycled, reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce the production cost of PCB manufacturers.

Origin:China Shanxi


FOB:perSets5usd--15 usdUSD


Payment Terms:T/T

Supply Ablility:100Sets

Supply Time:Quarter

Delivery Time:2021-08-11

Packaging Details:carton, wooden

Product detail:

Product Description

The PCB industry produces a large amount of micro-etching solution, etching solution, copper nitrate and other copper metals with different concentrations, which have high recovery value, and there will be a small amount of copper heavy metals in the discharged wastewater. If the environmental protection treatment cannot be carried out reasonably, On the one hand, it causes a serious waste of resources. On the other hand, heavy metals leak into the soil and water after being discharged, which will cause serious pollution and harm to our natural environment and our own health.


1.Factory direct price.

2. 20 years titanium anode production experience.

3. Japanese advanced technology.

4.Heraeus imports precious metals

5. The lastest sintering process.


1.Titanium anode has stable dimension.The distance between electrodes donot change during electrolysis.This can ensure a a stable cell voltage.

2.Titanium anode has low voltage,so the power consumption can be reduced by 10%-20%.

3.Long working life.In the production of chlorine by diaphragm method,metal anodes resistant to chlorine anode alkali corrosion,and the anode life can reach more than 6 years,while graphite anodes are only 8 months.

4.Titanium anode can overcome the dissolution problem of graphite anode and lead electrode.This can avoid dissolution of electrolyte and cathode products.therefore,the purity of metal products can be improved.

5.Titanium anode can withstand high current dendity.

6.In chlor-alkali production,it can get higher quality production.The purity of chlorine is higher,with no carbon dioxide,with higher alkali concentration,saving energy consumption.

7.Titanium anode can work in many corrosive and special electrolytes.

8.Titanium anode can avoid short circuit problem after the lead electrode is deformed,thus improving the current efficiency.

9.Titanium anode is light in weight,which can reduce labor intensity.

10.Titanium anode can work in the high temperature and high current density of chlorate electrolyzer.

11.Low overpotential characteristics.The bubbles between the electrodes and the surface are easy toremove.SO the cell voltage is reduced.


1.Recovery of copper from etching solution

2.Electroplating Industry

3.Sodium hypochlorite generator

4.Chlor-Alkali Industry

5.Electrolytic copper foil,aluminum foil

6.MMO cathodic protection(ICCP system)

7.Sewage treatment(Hospital,Industrial water)

8.Swimming pool disinfection

9.Disinfection of domestic water and food utensils

10.Desalination of seawater by electrodialysis.

Quality Guarantee

1. Coating Surface: Leo-1530 German Scaqnning Electron Microscope.
2. Coating Material: XRD-6000 Powder X-ray diffractometer
3. Bingding Foece Test: 1. Bending Test 2. Adhesive Tape Traction Test
4. Strengthen Life Test: According to NACE Specification TM0294
5. Coating Thickness Test: Electron Probe

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