Corrosion resistant fast door

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OPEN METHODS: lader/ remote control/roll pull/geomagnetic/
SPEED: 0.8-2.5m/s
MOTOR: 0.75KW/220V
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Port: shanghai/china
Supply Ability: 1
Payment Terms: delivery withindays since payment
Location: China Shanghai
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Product Detail


Description:With the development of industrial technology and in the fields of petrochemical industry, energy, power, metallurgy, aerospace and so on, the problem of corrosion protection has become increasingly serious, and some environments have reached the degree of heavy corrosion protection. Many raw materials, finished products or semi-finished products in Qingdao chemical plant are corrosive all the year round, so it is easy to fail in anti-corrosion measures, resulting in leakage, causing pollution to the surrounding living facilities and the environment. Therefore, the chemical plant of corrosion protection is very important! In order to reduce the chemical corrosion damage, a lot of chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory were required to install and durable anti-corrosion rapid rolling door, prevent the product by the secondary pollution in the process of production and processing, west the rapid rolling door inside and outside of the corrosion resistant with doors are need to meet the GMP level of seal clean, is tailored specifically for chemical workshop industrial door.




Supply Ablility:1Sets

Supply Time:Month

Packaging Details:ALL the products incoluding spare accessories completely packed in wooden cases/without Anti-collision and anti-corrosion

Product detail: 耐腐蚀快速卷帘门所用的框架材料采用喷涂处理后的304不锈钢材料表面,相当于一种可以有效防止腐蚀的保护膜。快速开合,有效的室内外隔离,减少能耗,节约能源;解决空调冷,热风流出的问题。



Corrosion - resistant fast shutter door performance

1. Safety performance

Orange photocell flash, when the door is open or closed, the red light flashes to warn, when the power failure with a manual remote lever can gently open and close; More security, convenient performance.

2. Sealing performance

The bottom end is equipped with elastic PVC base cloth, which can be closely combined with all kinds of uneven ground up to 10,000 class standard, the two sides of the door post is equipped with a sealing brush or rubber sealing strip, can reduce noise and increase the sealing effect.

1. Use and control

1. Button 2. Pull rope 3. Remote control 4. Geomagnetic 5. Radar 6. Photoelectric 7Interlocking

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