ZS centrifugal stamping pump

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Material: stainless steel
centrifugal pump: transfer pump
circulation pump: supply water pump
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Port: Shanghai
Supply Ability: 1
Payment Terms: delivery withindays since payment
Location: China Shanghai
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Product Detail


Description:ZS horizontal single-stage stainless steel centrifugal pump is made of advanced technologies such as stamping and expanding welding of stainless steel plate. The pump can replace traditional IS pump and general corrosion resistant pump. ZS stainless steel single stage pump has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light structure, high efficiency and energy saving, durability, light corrosion resistance and low noise etc. Product application ZS stainless steel horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump is a multifunction pump with wide range of application. The pump can transport various liquids including water or industrial liquid with different temperature, flow and pressure ranges. Water supply: water plant filtration, transmission and subdivision water supply and main pressurization; Industrial supercharging: process water system, cleaning system; Industrial liquid transportation: boiler feed water, condensation system, cooling and air conditioning system, supporting machine tools, acid and alkali transportation; Water treatment: distillation system or separator, swimming pool, etc. Irrigation, petroleum and chemical industry, medicine and health, etc. Installation conditions: ZS model stainless steel horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump is a direct coupling of pump shaft, consisting of pump, pump shaft and standard motor: 1) the pump shall be installed in a ventilated and anti-freezing place; 2) the installation of the pump shall ensure that the pump is not affected by the tension of the system pipelines when in use; 3) if the pump is installed outdoors, it must be equipped with appropriate cover to prevent water or condensation of electrical components; 4) in order to facilitate inspection and maintenance, adequate space shall be left around the unit; 5) the electrical wiring device shall ensure that the pump is not damaged by lack of phase, voltage instability, leakage and overload; 6) the pump shall be mounted on the base horizontally, with the suction inlet of the pump in the horizontal direction and the discharge outlet of the pump in the vertical direction. Operating conditions: Clean, thin, non-flammable and explosive liquids that do not contain solid particles and fibers; Liquid temperature: Normal temperature -15 to 70 degree Celsius Hot water type +70 to 110 degree Celsius The highest ambient temperature is 40 degree Celsius The highest altitude is 1000 meters; Maximum system pressure is 10bar. motor: The motor is fully enclosed, air-cooled two poles standard motor. Protection grade: IP55; Insulation grade: F; Standard voltage: 3Phase,380v






Payment Terms:T/T

Supply Ablility:1Unit/Units

Supply Time:Year

Delivery Time:2024-02-29

Packaging Details:PLYWOOD CASE

Product detail:Stainless steel horizontal stamping centrifugal pump

Model Head Flow Motor power Speed
m m3/h KW RPM
ZS50-32-160/1.1 18 6.3 1.1 2900
ZS50-32-160/1.5 20 12.5 1.5 2900
ZS50-32-160/2.2 25 12.5 2.2 2900
ZS50-32-200/3.0 32 12.5 3 2900
ZS50-32-200/4.0 42 12.5 4 2900
ZS50-32-200/5.5 54 12.5 5.5 2900
ZS65-40-125/1.5 13 25 1.5 2900
ZS65-40-125/2.2 18 25 2.2 2900
ZS65-40-125/3.0 24 25 3 2900
ZS65-40-160/4.0 28 25 4 2900
ZS65-40-200/5.5 36 25 5.5 2900
ZS65-40-200/7.5 46 25 7.5 2900
ZS65-40-200/11.0 62 25 11 2950
ZS65-50-125/3.0 13 50 3 2900
ZS65-50-125/4.0 18 50 4 2900
ZS65-50-160/5.5 25 50 5.5 2900
ZS65-50-200/7.5 32 50 7.5 2900
ZS65-50-200/9.2 40 50 9.2 2900
ZS65-50-200/11.0 48 50 11 2950
ZS65-50-200/15.0 58 50 15 2950
ZS65-50-200/18.5 68 50 18.5 2950

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