CQYB magnetic vortex pump

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magnetic pump: vortex pump
gas liquid pump: transfer pump
circulation pump: chemical pump
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Port: Shanghai
Supply Ability: 1
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Location: China Shanghai
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Description:CQYB magnetic gas liquid mixing pump is a horizontal self priming gas liquid mixing pump. The pumps are made of stainless steel material Gas liquid mixing pump inlet can use negative pressure to suck gas without gas compressor and atmospheric injector. The high speed rotating impeller stirs the liquid and gas thoroughly without the agitator and mixer. Through the pressurized mixing in the pump chamber, the gas and liquid are fully dissolved and the dissolution efficiency can reach 80 to 99.9%. Highly soluble liquids can be produced without large pressurized gas tanks or expensive reaction towers. CQYB gas liquid mixing pump can attract and mix and dissolve and directly send highly dissolved liquids to the equipments. Therefore CQYB gas liquid mixing pump can improve the production efficiency of dissolved gas and liquids and simplify the production equipment and save space to reduce the initial investment budget and save the operation and maintenance costs.

Origin:China Shanghai





Payment Terms:T/T

Supply Ablility:1Unit/Units

Supply Time:Month

Delivery Time:2021-12-31

Packaging Details:PLYWOOD CASE

Product detail: CQYB magnetic vortex pump has no mechanical seal part to ensure the pump can deliver the liquids without leakage. The vortex pump has small flow and high head and no leakage etc.

CQYB magnetic vortex pump is suitable to transfer the inflammable and explosive and toxic and other chemical liquids

Application scope

CQYB gas liquid mixing pump is suitable for liquid conveying, enterprise mixing, circulation and pressurization.

Typical applications: air floatation treatment equipment, ozone water production equipment, oxygen enriched water production equipment, biochemical treatment equipment etc.

Circulating transfer of heat and cold media of various temperature regulating devices,

Various filtration devices,

Extracting or high-pressure conveying low viscosity liquids such as gasoline, diluents and various solvents from underground storage tanks

Spray treatment of clear water, pure water, food, chemical liquid and waste liquid

Intermittent operation, water hammer, back pressure rapid change and other harsh use Such as small steam furnace, high-rise water, high pressure water injection to the high-pressure tank, by the vacuum tank to attract

Take sample water from the river or water storage tank, transfer foaming liquid, easy to appear air pockets in the long horizontal pipeline.

Medium conditions

Thin, clean, low-viscosity liquid

PH range is 3 to 9;

Liquid temperature 15 to 120 degree Celsius

High ambient temperature: 40 degree celsius

The gas-liquid volume ratio is about 1:9 ,air suction volume is 8 to 10 percent

Suction height: 9m,NPSH.

Pump Type Capacity Head Speed KW
  m3/h m n  
50CQYB-15 8 10 1450 4
5.5 40
3 60
50CQYB-40 16 10 1450 5.5
12 40
8 60
65CQYB-130 11.6 64 2900 15
9.4 132
6.1 173
65CQYB-40 27.5 10 1450 11
25 40
21 60
80CQYB-40 48 10 1450 18.5
45 40
38 60

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