ZDY125-5- I ~IX-N/S input speed 750 rpm ,motor power 13 kw , electric reducer

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Product Detail


Product detail:

ZDY125-5- I ~IX-N/S input speed 750 rpm ,motor power 13 kw , electric reducer



Electric reducer characteristics


(1)  High carrying ability


(2)  Low noise


(3)  Small size,light weight


(4)  High efficiency


(5)  Long service life



 Electric reducer mounting


 (1)   Input shaft axis,output shaft axis,prime mover and load axis must be coaxial .The tolerance should be in the permisson tolerance value of the coupling .Hammer should be forbidden when mounting the coupling.



(2)   After asssembly, fill the tank till the lub.Oil level is between the hight of up and low marks.



(3)   Turn the reducer manually without any jamming before operation and make it run 2 hours continuously offload . The running should be smooth without any shock , vibration or leaking . The fastening pieces should be tight.








Specification    A  BH ≈ad1(m6)l1L1b1t1
       125  355  195330125 2842142831







l2L2b2t2Cm1m2m3n1n2 e1e2 e3  hd3n



  lub.  oil



      125 558218216592529001606510097.5119155160154763.2




Electric reducer operation


 (1)   Replace new lub.Oil after operation of the first 30 days .Normally,replace the lub. Oil every 3 months if the reducer works continuously for long term. Replace the lub.Oil every 6 months if the reducer works less than 8 hours every day.Check the quality of the lub. Oil periodically.Replace the lub.Oil periodically. Replace the lub.Oil to the specified level.



(2)   If the reducer stops working for over 24 hours,it can not work with load until complete lubrication of gears and bearings is available.For the reducer with motor,start the motor for several minutes first,then the reducer.



(3)   Lub.Oil choice as follows:ambient temp 10°C~0°C,L-CKC46~L-CKC68;0°C~30°C,L-CKC100~L-CKC150;above30°C,L-CKC220.



 Electric reducer maintenance

 (1)   Shut down the reducer if temperature is above 60°C or oil temperature is above  85°C or there's any abnormal noise . Find out the causes and remove the breakdown . If there's any gear face-catching ,repair it,replace the oil and run the reducer.



(2)   Open the cover to coat 587 sealing glue if oil leakage occurs during operation. If there's any oil leakage of oil sealing ,replace it at once.



(3)   The lub. oil has been drained out before delivery. So the reducers cannot be stored over 6 months for fear of corrosion.



(4)   We'll not take any responsibility if any problems arise caused by consumer's dismounting or structure change without any discussion.




Electric reducer Quality Control


Quality guarantee 1 year






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