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10tons/day biodiesel production plant

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Product Detail


Product detail:

                  30,000 tons / year bio-diesel production plant project

Project Introduction

ASTM’s definition for biodiesel is long-chain fatty acid alkyl monoester produced from renewable lipid resources such as vegetable oil or animal fat. "Bio" means a renewable biological resource compared with fossil diesel; "diesel" refers to that it can be used in diesel transmitter. Biodiesel as an alternative fuel, it can be used in pure states or mixed with fossil diesel.

 Technical Overview

1.Technical scheme.

Optimized technology program is the low-temperature action programs using acid-catalyzed esterification and alkali-catalyzed transesterification.The process is in the lowest energy consumption of biodiesel technology ,which adopt gas esterification process, and it maximum resolve the problem of the reaction equilibrium and the mass transfer. In the case of no external kinetic energy within the circle,it can save electricity more than 60%. The independent design in return also can be a high degree of conservation of heat energy. Unique technology program solve the problem that the high acid value waste oil can not be divided in glycerol ester exchange, make the reaction rate arrive more than 97%.

The vegetable oil fatty acid methyl ester production process can use batch ,semi-continuous process or Three-horizontal stirred reactor continuous process, the continuous process is in favor of energy utilization, can reduce production costs in a greater extent; the process solve the problem of raw materials corrosion for equipment, can effectively reduce the investment cost for the equipment; At the same time, the applicability of raw materials of the process is very extensive, which is adaped to all variety of oils and fats raw materials in current industrial market.

Annual production capacity of this project is 30,000 tons, also can be designed in accordance with customer’s requirements. The budget includes technical parts: design sketch, production processes, equipment lists, etc.; business part - including price, delivery time, validity, etc.; our company also provides engineering, equipment supply technical service and other services, which have statements in the program.

2.Design description

2.1 Design foundation

2.1.1 Global feature

The design accords with the experience of design and construction of plants in everywhere, considering the labor protection, safety factors, and learning from today's latest technological developments. Design also takes into account the standard of scientific research institutes in United States and Europe.



Production Capacity:

According to 300 production days per year, 24 hours per day, the plant designed production capacity is as follows: 5,000 tons of biodiesel per year, an average of 100 tons of biodiesel per day.

Finished product:

All technical data and related cases are measured using the final products achieve the standard required by the quality of bio-diesel products.



The raw material of this process is plants oil containing 85% ~ 95% of fat and fatty acid, the product is biodiesel meets the standard. Products can be obtained by the following 4 steps:

Pretreatment of plants oil

Crude plants oil contains acid fat and unsaponifiable impurities, which is unfavorable to produce methyl ester in esterification and transesterification reaction, pretreatment is necessary. Removal of impurities such as water, phospholipids generally use physics-based method, through physical refining remove solid debris and some water; phospholipid content and viscosity can be reduced by degumming (wet process degumming or membrane filtration, sometimes add aluminum sulfate for animal fats); water removal through standing, centrifuge or film evaporating.

Pre-treatment includes two reactors, one evaporator ,two filters and two condensers.


2.Glycerol esterification

Glycerol esterification parts includes two stainless steel reactors,methanol recovery tower, esterification tower and heat exchangers. In this system acid value of oil can drop about below 1mgKOH.


3.Transesterification reaction

Transesterification parts includes a set of transesterification reactor and a separation equipment. In the existence of methanol and KOH ,fatty acid methyl ester (biodiesel) and crude glycerol can be generated. Mild reaction conditions, short reaction time, rapid separation of pure glycerol.


4.Continuous vacuum distillation

Continuous vacuum distillation includes a falling film reboiler, and the support of the membrane distillation tower, as well as the condenser and vacuum system. Biodiesel produced by transesterification usually need washing in softened water, or it is difficult to remove soap, glycerol and other impurities completely, the product generally has darker color, low purity and poor stability. Crude product of biodiesel refined through distillation can remove fatty acid methyl ester and other impurities and pigment effectively, the purity of final bio-diesel is very high and the color is light, particularly the color of methyl ester from plant crude oil become light yellow from dark before the distillation, before the color becomes dark yellow. In order to prevent oxidation in the high temperature distillation, the use of vacuum continuous distillation method significantly reduces the distillation temperature. The process can be used by controlling the distillation temperature to get different quality biodiesel.

Raw materials

The proposed plants use wasting vegetable and animal oils containing 85% ~ 95% of fats and fatty acids as raw materials,and also fit for other plants oil.


The details of quality and quantity of equipment are shown in "model characteristics, raw materials and finished products" section.

Emissions and products recycle.

Water containing hydrochloric acid

In glycerol transesterification, there will always have a part of water containing hydrochloric acid, the next step, if KOH is used in the process of alkali-catalyzed transesterification, these solution is taken to the procedures of refinement of potassium sulfate to recover the potassium sulfate fertilizer, in the case of NaOH, another handling processes is needed.


In the vacuum continuous distillation, there is a small amount of distillation residue, these residues can be used as boiler fuel or saled as chemical products.

Process standards

At this stage, engineering design and planning is based on national standards of PRC, China equipment design and safety standards


Design complies with international safety standards. In the project implementation, Henan Star Fire company will show the dangerous areas of the plant, and make a detailed description of the explosion-proof measures. Henan Star Fire company also make a clear instruction for explosion-proof devices, foam equipment, other necessary fire-proof equipmentand other safety devices.

2.2 equipment list, serial number instructions, wear pieces and spare parts (see appendix)

2.3 Raw materials, products and equipments characteristic

2.3.1 Consumption value

Vegetable oil raw materials

In the full operating conditions, the expected consumption for producing of 1000 kg bio-diesel met standard using 95% vegetable oil:

Raw material / utility


95% crude animal or vegetable oil

1058 kg


3350 kg

cooling water(20/260C)

32 m3

electric power

63 kWh

Instrument gas source

10 Nm3

compressed air

2 Nm3





Concentrated sulfuric acid(98%)



                                             Henan Asia-Pacific Energy Technology Group Co.,Ltd

After years of development,Asia-Pacific has become the leader of organic waste refining,advocate of new product and new technology.We can offer the package integrate solution in waste tyre refining,waste rubber refining,waste plastic refining,acrylic recycling,waste oil refining,organic waste refining,waste food refining,straw refining, ans so on.We can cooperate with customers in equipment,raw material,technology,sales and service,help our customers grow,and establish long-term,steady and win-win cooperation with our customers.


At present,Asia-Pacific Energy has passed ISO9001,ISO14001 and GB/T28001.The total invest amount is over RMB300,000,000.In addition,the company has acquired 15 patents and inventions.






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