2013 CE LPG steam high pressure mobile power pressure washer portable

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power pressure washer portable features:Updated version of the gas engine design1,The convenience of stupid electronic.2,Coldstart time within 1 to 2 minutes.3,The structuremodularity of the whole machine.4,Heat exchanger efficiency, reduce the gas loss.5,The ignition sensitivity of feedback, flame-out protection.6,Continue to put gass under the gas pressure in 8 to 10KW.7,Quick ignition in 3 seconds,not affected by cylinder pressure.8,3 seconds can detect the flame,extinguishedquicklyalarm prompt and close the valve.Applications: 1,Car washig shop,outdoor washing carport.2,Car industry, car interior clean (dashboards, vents, armrests, carpets, furniture, air conditon) .3,Remove dust, oil; disinfection and sanitizing.4,Vehicle beauty salons, car washing stations, parking lots of supermarkets, factory, restaurant.Parameter: Strength:1,Non boiler technology is safer with no explosions, cracks or leaks from a boiler steamer. 2,Almost instant steam, 1 minute heating time. While boiler steamer need about 7 minutes.3,Energy savings. More steam per watt is produced than in a boiler steamer and no wasted energy heating water and steam that may not be used. 4,Stronger, steadier steam pressure than a boiler steamer. The boiler steamer are likely to explode if increase the steam pressure. 5,Totally adjustable steam from very wet to very dry for all types of cleaning.6,Lighter in weight than a boiler steamer.Less electrical components, meaning there is far less to break inside.7,Always "continuous" fill water.This isn't an expensive "option" as in most boiler steamers, which also would mean more parts and more breakage. 8,With our steamers you add water when you want and steam is made almost immediately.9,As known to all, this kind of machines save a great amount of water as only 4 litres of water. 15 minutes can completely wash a car! 10,A good way to wash car in cold winter when all the water freezes.ACCESSORIES:1,Steam pipe10 meters: 1 root, 10 meters long, with insulation, steel wire inside and outsidePacking:Certificate:Contact me:

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