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Place of Origin: Philippines
Valid until: Long term
Last Updated: 2022-08-06 13:33
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inquire 32 pcs. Fault Indicator、 used to locate circuit and earth fault to overhead lines. Upon detecting a fault on the line、 the indicator gives off light that can be seen 200-300 meters distance at daytime and two kilometers away at night. The fault inidcator shall be installed on or the 13.8 KV、 3-phase or 2-phase transmission line conductors. 1. The fault indicator shall have an adaptive detector feature、 which adjust to the normal current conditions on the line. Slow variations in 2. The indicator shall have a specific sequence on conditions before it - The fault indicator shall have three (3) seconds delay during of the transmission line to avoid fault current、 detection caused by - The fault indicator will operate or gives flashing signal only when - Upon fault detection、 the indicator shall automatically reset with 3. The fault indicator shall sense earth fault current on a resistance system (20ohms、 13.8 kv lin-to-line voltage and 7.9 KV line-to-line 4. It shall be supplied complete with a long life batteries . .
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