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What are Verified Members?
Verified Members are suppliers who have passed the authentication and verification process by either or an independent company. This process provides limited assurance that the supplier’s company name and address are registered with relevant local authorities.
What's the benefit of being a Verified Member?

Being verified makes suppliers more trustworthy to buyers, and it’s easier for buyers to find Verified Member than unverified members. As a verified member, you can:

Have your company and product listings appear in front of those from unverified suppliers

Get a verified badge in your supplier profile

Have your company and product listings appear in front of those from unverified suppliers

Who can be a Verified Member?

The verification service is currently available only for ASEAN countries and China members.

If your business is based in one of these locations and is registered with your local government office, then you can apply for verification

How do I become a Verified Member?
All you need is to provide us with valid information about your company, and we’ll take care of the verification. Submit information for verification now
How long does the process for becoming a Verified Member take?
Verification takes about 7 days to complete.
How long is verification valid for?

Verification is valid for 1 year and is renewable at any time, including after expiration.

I am currently a Asia Supplier. Do I need to undergo verification?
Asia Suppliers are already verified, so no additional verification is necessary.

Paid Verified Membership

Why do Chinaaseantrade offer a paid Verified Membership?
Chinaaseantrade conducts free verifications for some businesses who has certain type of government business identifiers, however sometimes your businesses may not have these ready or it is not possible for Chinaaseantrade to cross verify the information. To take care of such scenarios and to ensure your business can still be qualified as Verified Membership Chinaaseantrade offers a Verified Membership with qualified verification partners where some administrative fees are applicable.
How does paid verification process works?
Paid verification process is a very similar to free verification. For paid verifications are done by our A&V partners who can offer more choices to get your businesses verified.
What payment methods are supported?
Currently we support Paypal money transfer only, where you have to have a Paypal account to pay to Chinaaseantrade. Soon we plan to have more options for payment too.
How does the process work and what happens after I pay?
Before you pay you have to complete the online procedure from your “MyChinaaseantrade” verification section and apply for verification. This will send you email with relevant payment instructions asking you to pay the administrative charges. After your payments are confirmed, we send your verification application to our A&V partners and they may take 2 to 3 weeks to verify your documents following up with you.
How does the payment process look or how do I pay using Paypal?

Here are your payment instructions

  1. For now we only support Paypal payments. So you should have a Paypal account to pay
  2. Using your online Paypal account please transfer money to Chinaaseantrade Paypal account :
  3. Ensure while transferring the money you specify following in the message section
    a.Your Company Name
    b.Your Member ID
    c.Your email ID used for application
  4. NOTE: if you do not specify the above we do not have a track of your payments
Is the payment refundable if I do not pass the verification or decide not to pursue the verification?
No, the administrative charges applicable for paid Verified Membership are non-refundable.
Which countries have the paid Verification option?
All ASEAN countries and China
Is there any difference of service, features or offers with Paid Verified Membership versus free Verified Membership?
No different. Paid and free both Verified Memberships offer same features. Paid option is just to bear some administrative and charges involved in verification using external partners.

How it works

To get started, you’ll need to submit your detailed company information. We’ll then verify that your company is real and registered.

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