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Get the Benefits of Verification! Get Serious about E-Commerce with:
  • Higher Product Rankings
  • More Trust and more Buyer Inquiries
  • Special grant of 300 free product listings
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More Trustworthy

Suppliers with the Verification logo gain buyer trust faster.Over 85% of buyers preferred to work with suppliers that are verified.

More chances to reach buyers

Verified Members enjoy priority listings in front of non-verified members.When a buyer performs a search,they will see Verified Member products first,giving Verified Members a better chance to make deals.

More Exposure

Verified Membership will put your products in the top 10% in search results.

How it works

To get started, you’ll need to submit your detailed company information. We’ll then verify that your company is real and registered.

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Success Story

As a Verified Member on, True Nutrition has seen an immediate increase in interest from both domestic and...