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2012 Personal Power Plate Power Plate VT 14.1
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2012 Brand-new Power plate exercises studio Vibration Plate VibroPlate tri-plainer vibration

- Optimize Muscle Performance 
- Optimize Strength 
- Optimize Power 
- Optimize Flexibility 
- Optimize Tone 
- Improve Reflex Strength 
- Improve Agility 
- Improve Quickness 
- Relax and Rehabilitate Tired Muscles 
- Ligament Rehabilitation 
- Helps Against Osteoporosis by Maintaining or Increasing Bone Mass Density 
- Helps Relieve the Pain Caused by Acute Back Pain 
- Helps to Improve Postural Stability 
- Increases Strength and Stability in the Hip Flexors 
- Temporarily Improves Circulation of the Blood and Lymphatic Fluids 
- Helps with Weight Loss 

Amongst the numerous available studies performed on the benefits of standard WBV, NASA is in the midst of their own studies regarding the benefits of skeletal muscle development under an environment of artificially increased gravity (see attached study). This study indicates a means by which to provide a more effective muscle building program while using no external weights, or a reduced amount of external weights, while also applying more force directly to the muscle belly. Also, by exercise standards and definition, the principle of applying a rapid contractive force to a muscle is considered to be a plyometric training technique. Therefore, the use of combining vertical vibration to a muscle group under an isometric contraction is essentially a hybrid of isometrics and plyometrics; and even more so when true plyometric movement is incorporated in the training session. We have coined this type of training ‘PLISOMETRICS’. The SPORT VIBE 1000 also features adjustable Isometric Tension Straps for increasing the spectrum of upper and lower body workouts. 


 l.          Increases the fat burning process 
 2.         Increases bone density
 3.         Reduces cellulite
 4.         Improves co-ordination and balance
 5.         Results in more beautiful and tighten skin
 6.         Activates blood circulation
 7.         Decrease blood pressure 
 8.         Increases flexibility
 9.        Causes fast muscle build up
 10        Elevates your energy power
 11        Increases Human Hormone to be well condition



A.LCD Screen indicates time remaining, speed, and vibration height range (HI/LO).
B.Timer Preset Buttons let you set the vibration time for periods of 30, 60, or 90 seconds.
C.Speed Preset Buttons let you select vibration speeds of 30, 35, 40, or 50 Hz.
D.Vibration Range Adjust-ment Buttons let you choose either HIGH or LOW.
E.Stop Button immediately stops vibration.
F.Start Button begins vibration.
G.Repeat Button reactivates vibration with the same settings most recently used.







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