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Shenzhen Dawei Innovation Co., Ltd

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 Shenzhen Dawei Innovation Co., Ltd


Main Product:portable power station

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 Under the trend of global environmental protection and new lifestyle, green energy has been widely promoted and used, lithium technology and safety have been accelerated, and the cost has dropped down. With energy storage and solar technology development, lithium battery will gradually replac the engine generator, more and more used in family, outdoors, and workplaces.  The developing countries have more demand because the power grid is unstable. Dawei Industrial was created under this trend and supply value for green energy easy-to-use.

Found in 2015, Dawei Industrial is a leading global lithium power station manufacturer. We focus on portable power station, grid-connected household energy storage, UPS power supply, we provide OEM ODM product and service for global brands.  

Dawei has more than 200 stuffs and an innovative R&D technology team. We have B.M.S.W. Workshop, precision SMT Workshop, and DIP+ assembly+ packaging Workshop, testing and aging Workshop and Warehouse. According to the customer's market position, channels, to provide customized OEM ODM products and service is our value.
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