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Sanhua Food Additive Factory

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 Sanhua Food Additive Factory


Main Product:water soluble flavor/oil soluble flavor/flavor for medical, pet food, candy, beverage, baking etc.

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 Established in 2003, Sanhua is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design. Our main products widely used in beverage, ice cream, cookies, confectionery, wine, roasting and other food filed.


Water soluble flavor: Suitable for beverage, sodas, fruit juice, ice creams, stick and jelly, etc. The reference amount is 0.05%~0.12%.

Oil soluble flavor: Mainly used for cookies, candies and breads, cakes, etc. The reference amount is 0.1%~0.2%.

Emulsion flavor: Increase fragrance and colors, mainly used for opaque sodas, fruit juice, ice creams and candies. The reference amount is 0.05%~0.12%.

Powder flavor: Especially applicable to increase fragrance of solid beverages, Cereals, soups, snack foods and candies, biscuits. The reference amount is 0.08%~2%.

Water and oil soluble flavor: Have good heat resistance and high aroma strength, suitable for ice creams, breads, cookies, biscuits, candies and top grade beverage, etc. The reference amount is 0.06%~0.2%.

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