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handan city kailin hygiene Co,.Ltd

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 handan city kailin hygiene Co,.Ltd


Main Product:delay spray,human lubricant,hand sanitizer,Gynecology Gel,

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 founded in 2008, is located in Zhao Capital Handan under the Millennium Gu Xian---Feixiang Town. Combined with traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology, the company the development of the independent intellectual property rights of the Kay Lin licensing "ointment"  "Naughty Herbal Cream," "Lady Herbal Care Wipes" "Lady Matrine bacteriostatic Cream," men/women Care liquid  "" Beriberi mixture  "and many other personal hygiene care products. The company is a health care product research, technology development, production and operation as one integrated enterprise, plant in accordance with the concept of modern garden construction, covers an area of 7000 square meters, the plant within 500 square meters of green, with 100 square meters of 300,000 purification workshop, 600 square meters of ordinary clean workshop, 100 square meters laboratory. Company advanced production technology, mature process, quality monitoring system is complete, stable and reliable product quality. Raw materials procurement, into the factory testing, manufacturing, logistics warehousing and other processes, are strictly in accordance with the National Ministry of Health Standards strictly controlled to ensure product quality, so that consumers use assured products. Hanhan Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. to the "Love" for corporate culture characteristics. To  "With the Love Tree brand, with the brand tree image" for the enterprise performance concept. To "advocate a new concept of health, to create a healthy new life" for the Enterprise mission. Committed to the people to bring better hygiene care products.
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