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Cheery Hint

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 Cheery Hint


Main Product:Costumes|Tablet PC|Lighting reflectors|IR absorbent filters|Dichroic color corrected filters|LED lighting|Tunsten halogen lamps|Low voltage LED bulb|Camera filters|Solar energy key chains|DDR memory

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We are a Hong Kong established company since 1995. Mainly we supply costumes & badges for carnival festivals, android tablet PC, Borosilicate glass reflectors, IR absorbent filters, dichroic color corrected filters for surgical illumination and lighting decoration, LED lighting. Additionally, we supply photographic filters, tungsten halogen lamps, electrical accessories & electronic gadgets, etc..  

As our company is located at the gateway to China, we have time-honoured relations with factories in mainland. With our natural Chinese dialect language communication with manufacturers in China, we can convey exact meaning and requirement to manufacturers for items which you request. Moreover, we have service act as an indenting agent to help our clients search for particular items in mainland of China. Details please contact us at or visit our URL :

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