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Guang Dong Victor Co.,LTD

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 Guang Dong Victor Co.,LTD


Main Product:stainless steel cookware

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 GUANG DONG VICTOR CO., LIMITED established in 2000, located in Caitang Town, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China, is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of kitchenware, hotel-ware and house appliances. With an extensive experience of this trade we have accustomed to the trends, needs and wants of the customers and the industry. We dedicate ourselves to develop new innovative products for customers are the key of our success.


Why us ?



As a result of continuous improvement in every aspect of business, we have become one of the most reliable sources of quality stainless steel products, both in domestic as well as international markets.


---Quality from products to services

We are maintaining stainless steel products superior quality across our entire product range. This is achieved by strict quality control process that has been set in the entire major productions and packing processes. Also, with our timely shipments for bulk quantities, we are confident to satisfy your needs.


---Competent Workforce

Our team of professionals keeps abreast with the latest technological achievements in the industry and changing customer’s requirements.



Our clients are spread across the globe. The company exports its products to Europe, Asia and ect.

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