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Guangzhou Veissen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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 Guangzhou Veissen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


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Time Recorder/Time & Attendance System Free Software
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Brand: aa 
Price: 60.00USD/ 
MOQ: 50  
Total supply:
Delivery time: From the date of payment from the buyer within days of delivery
update time: 2021-09-09 01:00  Valid to:Long-term effective


economical biometric fingerprint time attendance machine                    

This is an user-friendly fingerprint attendance machine especially suitable for small and mid-size 

companies. You’ll be attracted by the simple operation and economical price; no more troublesome

installation of any software, what you need to do is picking up your U-disk when you want to upload

or download the information.




1. Data exchange via U-disk; standard EXCEL summary forms 

2. Optional recognition settings: fingerprint, fingerprint + job number or job number + password; 

3. 32-bit dedicated high speed and low power consumption processor for DPS; 

4. High quality humanized voice prompts; 

5. Optical fingerprint collection device of new generation, closed to be waterproof and dustproof; 

6. Professional fingerprint algorithm; outstanding fingerprint recognition ability;


Key Specifications:


1. Fingerprint capacity: 1024pcs

2. Record capacity: 64000pcs

3. Password capacity: 1024pcs

4. Access mode: Fingerprint/Fingerprint+ job No./ job No. + Password

5. Access control function: No

6. Privilege management (Optional): Administrator, Super user, User

7. Memory disk function: Upload or download data

8. Communication: U-Disk

9. Warning tone: Tone for critical incidents/error operation /menu audio effect/message play

10. LCD display: 4 lines*10 words, 67X32dot

11. Language: Simplified Chinese, English

12. Scanning time: ≤1s

13. FRR (False rejection rate): ≤1%

14. FAR (False acceptance rate): ≤0.0001%

15. Power supply: Adapter input AC100~240V 50/60Hz, output DC 5V/1A

16. Computer software: No

17. Managers: 10

18. Back-up battery: (Optional)




Four Reports:


1. Basic data of all staff;

2. Attendance records of each employee(for one month)

3. Absence records (for all staff)

4. Summary reports. (It’s for financial department to calculate staff's salary .)





                              Detailed Description:  



1. Two colours available                                                                                                             


 2. Deatails of the time attendance machine;                                                                        


3. No need to install any software, just download information via U-disk and then  

upload to your computer;                                                                                                           




4. Excellent brushed finishing to ensure the characters of stain-resistant and          

waterproof, no dirty fingerprint left on the surface like that of the mirror models;      



5. Durable and comfortable keys;                                                                                            




6. Data exchange via U-disk;                                                                                                     





7. Power adaptor for charging (note: it can not be used to upload/download info.);    




8. Dimensions;                                                                                                                              




9. Wall Mounted Installation;                                                                                                     

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