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thanakha cream
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1st Health Organic Thanakha Cream


Scents: Available in Rose Scent / Shiles Scent

Packaging: 35g/jar




Direction for Use : Dilute a pinch of Thanakha Cream in a few drops of water and apply thickly on cleansed face as an overnight facial mud pack. A lighter mixture can be used as a make-up base or liquid foundation.


Organic Thanakha comes in 8 different variants; Shihn, Shiles, Lime, Nat, Rose, Sandal Wood, Kankaw (Iron Wood), Spa and Jasmine. All of these variants possesses unique natural agents that cares for the skin.


It easily smoothen the skin naturally from annoying blemishes without any fear of damaging. Aside from being a skin cleaning agent, it can also be a make-up base, facial powder and oil controller during day time that effectively protects our skin from some of the damaging cosmetics that we use.


It also reverses premature aging by increasing the production of our Collagen and Elastin, our skin protein that keeps our skin supple elastic and young looking. It is the only cosmetic and facial mask product in one that is herbally pure and authentic in nature in the country.


ORGANIC THANAKHA SHILES Clears your skin from blemishes especially like: Freckles, acne, pimples, blackheads & whiteheads, sunburn, skin discoloration, skin's itchy rashes, & facial rashes. Moreover, it increases the production of Collagen and Elastin (skin proteins) to protect and prevent your skin from premature skin aging like wrinkles and dryness. Organic Thanakha Shiles is not Based on any large amounts of chemicals and synthetic oils used by traditional cosmetics. Natural Thanakha Make-up is 100% Organic without question!It will cause you no allergies, skin irritations or any other side effects even in a lifetime of use.


ORGANIC THANAKHA ROSE Aside from relaxing your mind from stress and anxiety of the everyday grind, the scent of rose also: Moisturizes, regenerates skin and Hydrates aging skin. It also lightens Large and Open Pores, Increases Skin Collagen and Elastin, Controls Excessive Facial Oil, Removes Serious Acne, Pimples, Blackheads and whiteheads and is an excellent Make-up foundation, Facial powder and oil controller on day time. Organic Thanakha and Rose oil combined will make sure your skin gets a revolutionary revival from the dull!!!


ORGANIC THANAKHA SANDALWOOD For 4,000 years, Sandalwood has been used as a calming incense in peaceful meditation as it calms the mind, enhances mental clarity, and aids in opening the mind to a greater awareness. But Sandalwood is also used for; Skin regeneration, Skin Hydration, Skin revitalization, Skin moisturizer, removing serious acne, pimples, blackheads & whiteheads, Skin rashes. Sandalwood essential oil with Natural Thanakha helps to moisturize and hydrate aging dry or flaky skin, relieving itchiness and its astringent action balances oily skin.

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