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Zhongshan Means Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

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 Zhongshan Means Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd


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Company Profile
Verification Type:  A&V Checked
Business Type:
Year Estabkished: 2001
Total Revenue: 500万RMB
Main Markets: China/Guangdong
Main Customers: No infomation
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Means Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd founded in 2000, we have a registered trademark that is "MEANS",Mainly design and produce 10 categories of electronic related products, such as computer hardware, software and electronic equipment ect. and provides variety of electronic products worldwide. Means is a production enterprise which initially based on industry equipment development, design and circuit board. In recent years, wailer management are committed to the development and manufacturing, provide products include plating equipment, non-standard industrial high security of computer, control unit, firing chassis, tablet PC, BOX, gaming platform, tester, on-board multimedia, personal broadcast platform, advertising and so on many kinds of platform, and also developed Windows CE, WEP2009, Linux multiple operating systems. So far, our continuous development and research several high-tech products, for better in industrial electronics products developed more frontier products and high-quality service, thus open global clients, thereby, widen the pursuit of vision of Means. We will provide detailed OEM/ODM plan according to different field, and doing design production, and can according to various industry engineering equipment providing update and upgrade, then innovate and reform the design plan. Means efforts to product development and the mode of innovation, to explore unknown electrical science and technology. Each new proposals have hardware engineer, Electronic engineer, Software engineer, Layout engineer, production management division of together, making the company research and management in comprehensive upgrading of product quality and life expectancy, can make products continuously
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Verification Type:  A&V Checked
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Operational Address: No.55 on the third floor, Xiaolan Road south,Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province,China.
Telephone: 86-0760-88502953
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