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Puri 8000 Hours laser tube 80w/100w/120w/150w with power supply! Puri laser, stronger power!
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Delivery time: From the date of payment from the buyer within days of delivery
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  stronger power, puri laser!


  Puri 8000 Hours laser tube 80w/100w/120w/150w with power supply!








1. Gurantee FULL power




2. Gurantee Small beam spot,shart laser beam




3. Gurantee aftersale,fast replace tube within warranty




4. Gurantee lower price than same quality tube



Puri long life time laser tube 80w / one year warranty! factory direct sale!  mainly used for laser engraving and cutting, applies to the vast majority of domestic the laser machinery manufacturing. Puri laser tube with middle & small power is excellent in good laser spot mode, enough power, long life, etc...

Working Principle: high-pressure discharge stimulate high concentration CO2 to generate laser.
Laser Wave Length: 10.6um.
Laser Mode:low order mode.
 Water-Cooling:purified water, appropriate temperature 10-35°C.
Working Environment:temperature 5-35°C, humidity 10-60%, clean environment, no serious pollution.
Working Current:16~22mA is appropriate (excessive current will affect laser power and laser tube lifetime.

  Safety Demand:CO2 laser tube outputs invisible light, positive with high pressure, if necessary, eyewear is essential.
Laser State: Laser power will be attenuated when the laser tube is used at a certain time; If the laser is pink, it is in normal condition; if the laser is white, it means the laser power is attenuate. ( Laser tube is consumable, please change a new one when it can’t meet demand due to attenuation. )
Laser State:
     1, There are two points to support the laser tube at two sides, when you install the laser tube, the two points should be in 1/4 of the laser tube;
     2,On the basis of cooling water above-in and below-out, if you rotate the laser tube slightly, it will affect laser spot and laser power.


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