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Puri Laser, Stronger Power - co2 laser tube 120W
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Puri Laser, Stronger Power



  • brand: Puri CO2 laser tube


  • power: 60W/80W/100W/120W/150W


  • Certificate: FDA, CE, ISO, QC system, ISA; etc.


  • application: engraving & cutting in advertisement;  engraving & cutting in textile areas


  • sign material:  acrylic, glass, MDF, pvc, wood, ABS double color sheet, etc.


  • fabrics: leather, cloth, etc



Shanghai Puri 40W-300W small&medium power CO2 laser tube mainly used for laser engraving and cutting, applies to the vast majority of domestic the laser machinery manufacturing. Puri laser tube with middle & small is excellent in good laser spot mode, enough power, long life, etc..




Working Principle: high-pressure discharge stimulate high concentration CO2 to generate laser.


Laser Wave Length: 10.6um.


Laser Mode: low order mode.



Wa Model/Length
: purified water, appropriate temperature 10-35°C. 



Model/Length(mm)Outer Diameter(mm)Output Power(W)Rated Power(W)Ignition Voltage(KV)Ignition Current
Working Voltage
Working Current


Working Environment: temperature 5-35°C, humidity 10-60%, clean environment, no serious pollution.


Working Current:25~30mA is appropriate (excessive current will affect laser power and laser tube lifetime.



Safety Demand:CO2 laser tube outputs invisible light, positive with high pressure, if necessary, eyewear is essential.

Laser State: Laser power will be attenuated when the laser tube is used at a certain time; If the laser is pink, it is in normal condition; if the laser is white, it means the laser power is attenuate. ( Laser tube is consumable, please change a new one when it can’t meet demand due to attenuation. )




Laser State:

  1. There are two points to support the laser tube at two sides, when you install the laser tube, the two points should be in 1/4 of the laser tube;
  2. On the basis of cooling water above-in and below-out, if you rotate the laser tube slightly, it will affect laser spot and laser power.

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