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 Xinxiang Yitong Machine Co., Ltd.


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non-standard pulleys v belt with top quality
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       non-standard pulleys v belt with top quality       



1, What's the usage of belt pulley?


It is mainly used for auto & motorcycle, mining machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural equipment, construction, electric appliance, military equipment, etc.



2, What kind of product do you have?


Belt pulley, V belt pulley, belt pulley AK BK sheave, belt sheave, taper bushing, QD bushing, split bushing, taper lock and lock assembles etc.



For European standard, after precise machining, then it will be phosphated, then it anti rust.


1).V-Belt Pulleys For Taper Bushes: SPA,SPB,SPC,SPZ


2).V-Belt Pulleys With Solid Hub:  SPA,SPB,SPC,SPZ


3).Adjustable Speed V-Belt Pulleys: S092-1,S093-1,S108-1,etc.


















3, What kind of timing belt pulleys specification can you supply?


MXL/XL/L/H/XH Series,


T2.5/T5/T10 Series


AT5/AT10 Series


HTD Series (3M/5M/8M/14M)


Timing Pulley Bar


Flange, etc.


4, What's the material you use?


Material can be selected according to customer's requests, such as stainless steel, alloy steel, grey iron, ductile iron, brass, bronze, and other special steel materials.


Pulley Materials




suitable for moderate power transmission

light weight / reduced rotational inertia

moderate chemical and corrosion resistance

standard material for stock pulleys


suitable for high power transmission


limited chemical and corrosion resistance

aesthetic material

Stainless Steel

suitable for high power transmission durable

meets FDA regulations

excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

aesthetic material



suitable for high power transmission

excellent chemical and corrosion resistance


stainless steel flanges recommended



5, Do you have some standards?


Standards are according to the dimension tolerance of machining from customers’ requirement.


6, What's the surface roughness?


Surface roughness: Ra0.8-3.2


7, How about the weight?


Ranging from 0.50g to 10000kg


8, Do you accept OEM service?


Absolutely. Our company has many years expericence in this area, so we know more about the request from the market. If you need any non-standard size, pls kindly send us the drawing or the request by email, our technology department would supply you the best design service.


9, Your inquiry would be welcomed for any question! Contact us for the further!


1), Material for timing pulleys can be selected according to customers' requirements
2), The specifications and shapes of the timing pulleys can be made to order.



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