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Vibrance Orgasm Enhancing Sex Training Device
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The vaginal muscles are the ones that contract strongly during orgasm, also, it is the blood flow to the vaginal muscles that are responsible for producing the pleasurable sensations of orgasm. When a women exercises the vaginal muscles, the muscles will grow more muscle fibres, increasing the blood flow and contraction strength.


Hence, the best way to enhance orgasm is by exercising the vaginal muscles. It is the permanent way, with no side effects and also easy to do.


The most important thing when doing pelvic floor muscle exercises, which is the muscle that is exercised to get the tighter vagina, is to make sure that the correct muscle group is identified. Also, in order to strengthen a muscle, the muscle must be given progressive levels of resistance to work against, to help it develop stronger and denser muscle fibers.


The Vibrance Kegel Device provides a vibration biofeedback. It works by providing a vibration biofeedback when the correct muscle group is squeezed. This is important because up to 30% of women use the wrong muscle group when doing pelvic floor exercises. 



With the vibration biofeedback, women can be sure that they are using the correct muscle group when exercising the pelvic floor muscle. 


The Vibrance Kegel Device comes with 3 Strength Enhancing Sheaths. They are sheaths made of medical grade silicone rubber that have different levels of resistance. This allows women to gradually increase the challenge of the exercise and strengthen the pelvic floor muscle effectively. It also allows women to gauge their progress.


The compact and comfortable design of the Vibrance Kegel Device has won it the Medical Design Excellence Award 2012 in the United States.


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