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Aokpi industry Co., Ltd.

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 Aokpi industry Co., Ltd.


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High pressure pump F132
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Brand: AOKPI 
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F132 high pressure pump

Key words: High pressure pump, plunger pump, reciprocating pump, water cleaning pump, pressure testing pump, hydrostatic testing pump, piston pump, surface pump


Flow rate:  >100 L/min       Pressure: > 200bar   Input power: 72-143KW

Feature: Power ratings up to 143W(190HP);

               Flow rate up to 315 L/min (83 GPM);

               Pressure up to 240 bar (3480 Psi);

              Light weight, compact structure;

               high rotation speed, side gear reduction, no leakage design;

               Counterpart of German pump;

               Designed for spunlace nonwoven / hydroentanglement industry.

                Higher volume than F75

Application: Suitable for sewer pipe, underground pipe cleaning, hydroentanglement industry.

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