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 Aokpi industry Co., Ltd.


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High pressure pump F200
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Brand: AOKPI 
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 F200 High pressure pump

Flow rate: 30-464 L/min         Pressure: 180-2800bar    Input power: 110-200KW

      Feature: Power ratings up to 200kW (272HP)
       Flow rate up to 464L/min (122.5GPM)
       Max pressure up to 2800bar
       Compact structure, light weight, high efficiency
       Convenient for maintenance and operation;

       Herringbone gear transmission, low noise in power end;

       Internal gear reduction, stable and long life operation;.

Triplex pump design

Forced lubrication system, low temperature increase;  

pump head made in stainless steel;

Ceramic or tungsten carbide plungers

Electric motor or diesel engine driven;



Application: F200 high-pressure pump is a combination of Chinese manufacturing and American Technology, It is designed for industrial cleaning application, large volume and high pressure. Industrial Cleaning for kinds of pipeline, pressure vessel, boiler, heat exchanger, rust removal, chemical plant, power plant, sugar plant, oilfield, rubber plant, airport Runways, bridge , shipyard, mine , water injection and so on .

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Layout of eletric unit

Diesel unit




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