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Zhejiang Yadina new material technology co., LTD.

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 Zhejiang Yadina new material technology co., LTD.


Main Product:Melamine foam plastics (widely used in cleaning, construction, automobile, rail transit, aerospace industry, etc.), modified melamine resin (including rack agent, crosslinking agent, curing agent, etc

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uring agent/Paint additives
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HX535 resin is a partial methylation of melamine formaldehyde resin with moderate alkylation, high hydroxymethyl content and high imide function.

HX535 has good compatibility with water-soluble anionic polymers, dispersions and emulsions.

HX535 resin can be highly self condensation, enhance the hardness of the film, and improve the thermal plasticity of water-soluble polymers.

Using amine PH to adjust the neutral HX535, stability can be appropriate, and any PH in 7 ~ 8.5 of the amine thebridging agent, can maintain the stability of the.

Under the general conditions of baking, HX535 needs weak acid catalyst. It is very effective to use the weak acid (organic acid or inorganic acid) as the catalyst agent to form the paint film.

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