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Hebei XNK Phamacy Co.,ltd

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 Hebei XNK Phamacy Co.,ltd


Main Product:R-30490|U-49900|2-Methyl-AP-237|BUC-183|Isotonitazene|2F-Viminol|Metonitazene|Flubromazolam|etizolam|sgt-78|5f-mdmb-2201|4F-ADB|5fae2201|5-CL-ADB-A|5F-AEB|eutylone|A-PCYP|Benzylone (BMDP)|DMC

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Company Profile
Verification Type:  A&V Checked
Business Type: Manufacturer,Trader
Year Estabkished: 2019
Total Revenue: 300万RMB
Main Markets: China
Main Customers: No infomation
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Hebei XNK-Pharmacy is a professional pharmacy lab over all kinds of Research Use Chemicals,legal powders in China for nearly 15 years, in the past we have been focusing on domestic sales only but this year, upon leadership of the president of the company, we start our overseas sales.

Welcome all new and old clients come cooperate with us!

Our advantages
1.Supply all kinds of Research Use crystal and powder chemical for more than 10 years
2.good quality and best service makes us very popular in USA,Canada,UK,Germany, Poland, Australia and etc
3.Good stock ability
4.Fast delivery.sending package within 24hours after confirm your payment, and delivery will complete in around 5-7 days thereafter.
5.Accept all the express,Choose courier depend on country,EMS,Fedex,DHL,TNT,EUB,
6. Professional ship agent,,will give proper suggestion depend on country and package, make sure you will get the package 100%
7.Resend if have any problem with custom for free
8.10-100g sample order are accepted,welcome your sample order to try our quality and establish trust,we work this way with many customers

Certification file

Verification Type:  A&V Checked
Business Tpye: Manufacturer,Trader
Main Products: R-30490|U-49900|2-Methyl-AP-237|BUC-183|Isotonitazene|2F-Viminol|Metonitazene|Flubromazolam|etizolam|sgt-78|5f-mdmb-2201|4F-ADB|5fae2201|5-CL-ADB-A|5F-AEB|eutylone|A-PCYP|Benzylone (BMDP)|DMC
Operational Address: No.1003, Dongsheng Bulkding,No.158 Pingan Bei Street,Changan District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Telephone: 031025654852
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