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Foshan Nanhai Punch Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

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 Foshan Nanhai Punch Automation Equipment Co., Ltd


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cnc hole punching machine
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Brand: punch 
Price: Negotiable 
Total supply:
Delivery time: From the date of payment from the buyer within days of delivery
update time: 2020-12-17 01:00  Valid to:Long-term effective
1.    You can change four different kinds of pipes at the same time.
2.    The programming of punching mode of punch half hole & full hole and equidistant & unequal spacing.
3.    The operation interface shows the actual data and location of various specifications of the actual processing.
4.    Automatic cutting system can be added according to customer requirements. Fixed cutting, equidistant, non-equidistant nc automatic cutting, cut flat without burr.
5.    The CNC punching machine can be equipped with various kinds of pipe stamping die, easy to change the mold, suitable for all kinds of pipe blanking processing.


About 1800kg

 Working Position:


Number of Cylinders:


The cylinder diameter:

100 mm

Feeding Speed:

50 m / min

Feeding Way:

Servo Feed

Maximum Pressure of Hydraulic System:

20 Mpa

Maximum Stroke of Punch:

100 mm

Hole Position Accuracy:

± 0.5 mm

Maximum Punching Speed:

60 times / min

Nominal pressure:

130 KN

Motor Power:

380 V / 7.5 KW



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